[Suggestion] New /rupee command

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Is this a good idea?

Yes 13 vote(s) 65.0%
No 7 vote(s) 35.0%
  1. Hello empire, today i was thinking that there should be a new command for in- game. This command is a new type of /rupee command, being /rupee history [amount] and would show the history for the last [amount] of transactions. It would save time from going on empire.us to view the latest transactions and would allow players who do not visit empire.us to check their rupee history.
    thanks, and this is just a suggestion,
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  2. No.

    Just come to the website. No need to do extra work for the extra lazy.
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  3. I was just thinking mostly for players who:
    1. Have multiple MC accounts and don't want to log into multiple empire.us accounts and switch back and forth.
    2. Players who simply do not go on the forums.
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  4. Yes, yes, yes! Great idea!
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  5. That is what I was meaning by that :)
  6. You are neither of those things, I'm sorry but why do you care so much?
  7. It is a *suggestion*... If you don't like it say so, but just because i suggest it doesn't mean its applicable to me... and btw, i have number 1... Have multiple MC accounts and don't want to log into multiple empire.us accounts and switch back and forth.
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  8. My school often has charities for homeless people but none of us are homeless. Why do we do that then?
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  9. ^^^^^ yes :p
  10. Meh, what do I care, this has been suggested so many times, never been implemented, so good luck.
  11. I have searched for suggestions with a /rupee history command, searching "rupee history" in the search box.. I could find nothing on this...
  12. Maybe it was paying rupees on the site, I don't know/don't care for looking.
  13. ... I'm pretty sure rupee paying via site =/= rupee history in game...
  14. It'd be very difficult for you to use - Seeing as you are banned ingame.
  15. This is 100% different... it has not been suggested.
    Yup i agree xD
  16. I have an alt... gearmaster08... that i play on.
  17. There both additions to the rupee system, I just can't remember now.
    You can't honestly tell me you've remember every detail of every thread you've ever red.
  18. Another thing that always confuses me, you use an Alt in game and this account for the forums.
    If you used the Alt on the forums, this problem wouldn't exist.
  19. Wait, where did I mention I mention you're supposed to remember every detail? I'm saying that they're are different things, and therefore should be treated as such.
  20. Who cares? Lets just get on with the subject of the thread