[SUGGESTION] Rupee vouchers

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  1. Here is my idea: EMC adds what i call a "Rupee voucher"
    Now, a rupee voucher would be a piece of paper that would look similar to this:


    It would be renamed "Rupee voucher", and then the next part would be however much the voucher was worth (In that picture, the voucher would be worth 3,000 rupees.

    You can claim your rupees by right clicking with the voucher in hand, and it would vanish, and a message saying "You have gained [amount of r here]" would appear in chat

    So: Questions, comments? Thoughts, feelings? Leave them in the comments section below :D
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  2. I like it. I think it should be soulbound too!
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  3. Great idea now just get a mod or admin to see it.
  4. Yeah, maybe you could buy them with /voucher buy <amount>? It'd be great for drop parties and things like that.
  5. I think it could be laid out like this:

    Rupee Voucher
    Soulbound (Will not drop on death)
    Congratulations, you have acquired a Rupee Voucher of the amount [rupee amount]. You can right click to claim [rupee amount] or auction this voucher.

    (Right click to redeem)
  6. Could you explain what kind of benefit this would have? I mean, its really not that hard to either just pay the rupees or if you need it for a drop party use signed books.
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  7. Why would you auction a voucher.... when there's no way you can get more than its worth for it? :p
  8. If it says (right click to redeem) you don't need to say that again up in the part that says congratulations. Also you don't even need that at all since you probably bought it, no need to say congratulations on acquiring etc.

    Also, it should NOT be auctionsble because that's basically just auctioning rupees. The vouchers are pretty much just a solid form of rupees if that makes sense.
  9. Actually sometimes you can auction off a dollar and people don't pay attention and they pay more than the dollar is worth but i think Jtc is explaining this as a drop party item and for other events like this.
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  10. Because special items are auctionable I guess. Just a suggestion.
    Congratulations to the person who won it. True, maybe it should not be auctionable, but it would probably come under special items as it is a voucher ~FD
  11. Well, it could be used for drop parties, given to players instead of using the /r pay option (Which many new players find VERY confusing, and this would help them with the rupee system.), or if you want to put it in a chest as a gift. (I.e Have 4 diamonds surrounding a 10k voucher as a b-day gift)

    It could also be used for games, like gambling with dispensers, or my game that i own.
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  12. I like the birthday idea - I have to wait for the person to come online to pay them so they know I gave them a present :p So the voucher in the chest does sound like a nicer option to me ~FD
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  13. You know what, this would make my casino like 1000x cooler. I could have a rupee prize coming out of my automatic games as prizes instead of having to find an item or items worth the amount I want to have as the prize. Then I'd have to keep changing that as the economy changes.

    So this would be epic for casinos as well as there is no automatic way to pay somebody atm.
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  14. I like it :D a lot :D
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  15. I'd support your idea.
  16. Could be used to save rupees... or a bank...
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  17. Banks aren't allowed on EMC, but perhaps this might change it.
  18. I support this idea.
  19. I didn't think i'd get so much support o.o
    Hopefully an admin will see it soon
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