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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by pugfury, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. This is getting annoying, player jumps in, quickly throws a link in chat and jumps to another server.

    This should be considered spam, especially if it's not emc related.

    I'm not talking about those that come in, asks if anyone sells something, doesn't get a response then leave, just those that are doing it strictly for advertising. Like last night, 2 players not even 3 min apart, jumped into smp4, posted some link about Justin Beiber and jumped out.

    Gotta stop this...
  2. I remember another discussion about this, but can't remember if a conclusion was come to it.
    Personally, I don't think it is spam, as for each server (smp1, smp2 etc.) only ever sees one message.
  3. Typically I don't mind it, however last night 3 separate people came onto smp7, and I'd assume all the smp's, and advertised a justin beiber link. I'm looking at you Mumble group.

    I don't think we should ban server advertising though, as long as it's just 1 message.
  4. hey hey hey dont blame teh mumbles blame jedimama
  5. Per Empire Guide, any unnecessary advertising is spam..
    4. Obey The Chat Rules / Do Not Be a Pain in Chat
    • Do not spam
    • Only advertise your shop when necessary. Do not randomly advertise for no reason.

    but choongjae, posted the link, I'll ask a mod to lock this thread...
  6. You should go post your view in the other thread if you are going to have this one locked, need to keep up the momentum.
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  7. already did
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