[SUGGESTION] Rule: No ads at the outposts

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Allow advertisements in the wastelands?

Yea 7 vote(s) 46.7%
Nay 8 vote(s) 53.3%
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    I've only seen one person doing this, so I apologize for singling you out, but this seems like something that is not only misplaced but could easily get very out of hand and make our server seem like the spam folder on my never-used yahoo account.
    There are ads 1 block away from the bottom of the quartz stairs at some of the new /waste outposts (southwest on smp3 for example). If these are allowed, I may post some of my own on top of it. I can imagine someone else might go right behind it, and maybe make some pixel art for theirs...

    So sorry one guy who thought of it first, but I want to see this nipped in the bud.
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  2. What exactly do you mean? Could you post a screenshot please?
  3. he means when people make signs being able to be seen from the live map, i know what he means, But i dont think there is a point in banning this, the wild is where you can build stuff, and people sould be able to build stuff in the wild if they want. should not be a rule.

  4. No it was a wooden sign like immediately as you walk out of /waste. I'll post a screenshot.
    I just know I played on another server where the immediate area around all the tp's was nothing but ads and people trying to get r. I know it's just one sign, but like I said if it's allowed I will place the second.
    Edit: screenshots View attachment 30448
  5. do u mean in the waste or frontier? as the frontier u have to walk far to build, and waste just reset so should not be much out there.
  6. As pictured, not far at all :p
  7. I actually plan on doing this. That's not what I meant.
    I added a screenshot to my first post for clarity. On the other side of the signs it says "Earn Loads Of Rupees!" and has a link to their forum post.
  8. I don't want to say yes or no as that's condoning against the ability to be able to build 'almost' whatever you want in the wild (including advertisement)... as long as it's not obscene or a player-killing machine or a duper you can build whatever you want...

    the only exception is (unless it's a head-killing tower) ...you should go out a little ways before you start building...

    right in front of the staircase, in the way of moving, is an obstruction and is a pain to always have to go around or avoid.
  9. Meh, I don't really see the harm in it. I admire you for taking the initiative, but I just don't think it's a big enough deal to make a rule about it.
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  10. The comments and the votes don't really make sense together. :p

    No, not a big deal. I'm not sure that means there shouldn't be a rule. There's a rule that you can't auction a single chest of diamonds.
    I guess I see it like posting in the wrong place on the forums or trying to make sales in town chat. It just isn't the right place for it, and it gets spammy.
    However, if everyone disagrees then I guess I will follow suit since it probably is an effective place to advertise. Maybe I'll be the only one.
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  11. I believe that the signs are at the bottom of the stairs of every spawn area in the wastelands. If it keeps up there will be billboards all over the wastelands. I personally think they are an eye sore.
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  12. I can see where you're coming from. I still don't think it should be a rule, but you definitely do have a point.