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  1. In my shop, i have the "use" flag enabled to allow easy use of many teleport buttons. The problem here is that i can not have a private area because anyone can also use doors. And, i cant place a sign on my res to lock anything...

    So i have two ideas...

    Either make a seperate flag for doors, or use trap lines as an area restriction where anyone without the admin flag or owner gets tp to a specific location or off the res....

    I have a feeling though, the doors flag will be mush easier...

  2. +1 to those flags
    But i just had the idea of a door opened when you open a trapped chest, that way no buttons or doors would be involved just a chest and some sticky pistons
  3. Thr are a few ways around it but in the end a simple door flag would be easy.
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  4. That was for more a time being thing, Aikar is really busy with other stuff. But a simple door flag would be fine
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  5. Tripwires for restriction areas. That is a genius idea. +Sky
  6. I was trying to do something similar recently with a Lever. I wanted to allow access to everyone but I wanted it to be secret so I was trying to put the sign somewhere other than directly over the Lever. As far as I can tell that is the only way something like that will work. It would have worked great if I could have put the sign on the opposite side behind my wall.
  7. I can teach you to set up a redstone torch lock, so the standard build doors etc. open only for build flag.
  8. Why not just have a [LOCK] sign you can use in town? Example: You have a door. You place a button or lever on the side of the door. You place a lock sign above the button. Now only you (and up to 2 other people) can use the button to get into the door.
    The same idea would also be useful for containers, so that even when players have container, the admin(s) can have private areas/chests. You just need to make sure other players with build can't destroy the lock signs.
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  9. I like this idea +1
  10. Guys its not that i dont know how to work around it, its just a suggestion to fix it.
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  11. Derp, I completely forgot you can open wooden doors without a redstone signal. +1 for flags for them.