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  1. I would like to suggest a few things with this thread.
    Lets start with the basics. When your account goes derelict, your res is open to claiming, and being reset. That is what happened to my alt, a few days ago. Due to some issues with the account, I wasn't able to log back on in time, and the res was claimed by a new player. :mad:

    1) Open Residences.
    New players will be assigned empty or derelict residences as their new residence in town. My suggestion is that they will be assigned the empty ones first, before being assigned to a derelict.

    2) Recognition of Alt?
    Here is my idea: Player A-Active Member Player B-Alternate Account
    Player A and Player B have residences, one each.
    Player B will have a password for "owning the res"
    Player A types the password on the res, then "co-ownes the res"
    Player B goes derelict, but won't lose his res.
    If Player A goes derelict, both residences would go derelict, available for claiming.
    Just my ideas, can be rejected or accepted. Please give feedback.
  2. you could have simply voted with that account and saved its life for an entire month? voting acts the same as logging in.
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  3. I'm not completely sure, but I think reses automatically reset. The system resets reses at the top of a list, a res of a player that signed in, claimed a res, then left and went derelict would be at the top. A player that actively played for 3 years that went derelict would be at the bottom, so if your alt did not sign in too often it probably got claimed by the system.
  4. PM SS and explain the issue and you wouldn't have had that problem in the first place...

    Option 1 already exists in a form. Open/newer players' residences are prioritized for deletion first before older players'. Not sure why that needs to be changed.

    Option 2 is bad imo. You could just give friends/everyone the password and you'd be protected permanently. (Look at what happened when fairshop was reclaimed. If he gave the password to everyone, that res would never have gone derelict.)
  5. When voting you don't get a month; it has been reduced to 7 days. But yes: voting could have helped you.

    Anyway, your first suggestion has already been put in motion, somewhat. When it comes to assigning residences then the time spend on EMC is also taken into consideration when your residence gets automatically reset. So a player who has been on for 2 years has less chances of his res. getting reset than a player who has been on for only a few months.

    Also keep in mind that this doesn't protect you from players to forceclaim you.

    As to your second suggestion... I dislike it (sorry). My problem is that I think it has way too much potential for abuse. I can see it now: "renting out residence protection, pay me 1500r per month and I'll make sure your residence won't get reset from you going derelict".

    You have an alt in mind, but what is stopping regular players from using this as well? ;)

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  6. -1
    alt's are a way to get more reses without passing by the res vouchers. Since normally players are supposed to get only 6 reses, with alts they can boost it up as much as they want for only 30$ per 4 reses. Saving you almost 400$ of res vouchers for only 1 vote a week is the best deal you could make.
  7. I believe they changed it to 7 days
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