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Do you think there should be a Residence Voucher?

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  1. So for the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking about this new idea that came to mind when I first got my Diamond Supporter. It's called a Residence Voucher, and it would allow the player to acquire one extra residence. So, if someone didn't want to get diamond supporter but they really wanted another residence, they can buy a residence voucher.

    I saw that in the supporter's page, you can buy different supporter vouchers, and you can even buy a permanent derelict voucher for $80. I think it would be neat if a player can buy a residence voucher for around $10-$15, or for however much the Empire would want to charge for it. Players can also use this voucher to make extra rupees by selling it to other players, like they already do with supporter vouchers.
    The voucher could also be used as a reward from the staff if there's a special event going on. I think it would be nice if players can have more than 4 residences if they wanted. If someone wanted 2 extra residences, they would buy two vouchers.

    Okay, so some people would ask this... "Why would you need more than up to 4 residences? What would you use it for?" Well, some people like me may want more than 4 because we have shops. I own a mega mall on smp1, and I'm currently building another one on smp4. I'll be building another one on smp5 later in the year, as well. So some people like me may want to have a whole chain of malls across the servers. Some malls take up 2 residences on a single server! If we have this new residence voucher, then these shop owners can create more mega malls on other servers. And hey, some people might want to use these extra residences to create some awesome buildings and designs.

    Now, before I started working on this thread, I already did my research. I'm not completely sure, but I think there used to be something like this that gave players a max of 6 residences. I'm not really sure, it was something I read about in another thread.

    So this is the idea I'm pitching out to the Empire. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them for me. I'd like to see what you all think about this idea. :)
  2. This already exists. It is called a Max Residence Voucher and is available on the support page.
    EDIT: is no longer available on the supporter page, but will be available as a token reward in the future, as noted in previous threads.
  3. I also see Max Res Vouchers pop up in game and in auctions (that players sell for rupees) so keep an eye out.
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