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  1. I'd like to see an expansion of the current residence permissions. I've run into a problem where people won't be able to use a public farm I plan on building this week without me giving them build permissions for my entire property. The problem with that is that I don't exactly trust the entirety of the EMC community, and don't want to have to sit and watch them use my farm while they're using it. I would also like to allow people to use it while I'm offline seeing as I'm in college and tend to log off for a couple of days at a time when I'm working on projects.

    I feel expansion of the permissions would be a fairly simple and straight forward project (but then again my experience programming is very limited). A farm specific permission such as the following would be nice.
    I understand though that might be wishful thinking. Hence why I think it would be acceptable, and very useful to many people, to further be able to distinguish what kind of building flag you would like to give to a player. Something like this:
    Furthermore, being able to specify a particular kind of block that you would allow people to add or remove would be amazing. Something like this:
    Serious consideration would be greatly appreciated. I know I can't be the only one that would like to see such permissions added. I'm confident that others have suggestions for similar permissions as well.
  2. The per item permissions are intended as a future feature by Aikar. They're just a bit difficult to code. :)

    In terms of only placing but not destroying blocks, we already have that. The flag is place, and there's the opposite of it is destroy.
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  3. You abuse those flags... :p
  4. Ah, well in that case another suggestion I would have is updating the EMC Guide then, because that's definitely not in there. Hahah. Is there a player made guide that has all the flags listed?
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  5. Jack will probably have one but you can use /help res in-game.
  6. I like these ideas, I do have a public farm of my own on SMP 1 and i've had no problems with it. I have over 10 'members' for the farm and they all have build and use however I only accepted trustworthy members.
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  7. I really need to start using that lol :p
  8. Flags that can be customized on EMC:
    • Build
    • Use (shearing, opening doors, ect.)
    • Container (chests, furnaces, ect.)
    • Move (letting people on your res
    • TNT (all players can use it, but TNT is only enabled for diamond supporters)
    • Place
    • Destroy
    • Breed
    • Ignite
    • Firespread
    • Waterflow
    • Lavaflow
    There's probably some more that I missed - Jack will probably know and can add on. :)
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  10. I'm a bit late, but you can use levers and water for your farm. Just give use...
  11. or access signs
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  12. That doesn't allow them to replant crops is the problem.