[Suggestion] Residence Forceclaim Not Reset Residence

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  1. Since the new "res forceclaim" command came out to help clean up town and for the Empire to make a few rupees on the side. This allowed for people to get residences near their friends and what not. However there are still a lot of residences out there that need to be "cleaned-up".

    An idea to get more people to try to clean up is for the person wanting to "clean-up" having the choice of resetting the residence or not.

    This would inspire many people to go out and "clean-up" residences that are still good to go to or even just want to go get all the stuff inside to keep. The Empire could even double the price for the residences not resetting to make even more money on the side. It's a win-win situation for everyone who's willing to invest 10,000 rupees.

    That's my thought - if anyone thinks it's a good idea say so.
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  2. Even though there are some nice res's out there that get reset and then get replaced by dirt huts for months upon months upon months upon years (around my res). Having the option to just claim a res that already has stuff on it wont ever happen because of the fact then the person is at an advantage of getting free stuff right away whereas others would get less by claiming a res with junk on it. Also if the original creator of that res comes back on and sees that someone got his res with all his stuff when he did all the work im pretty sure he would be annoyed because he did all the work and now someone else has his stuff and can claim they made the res themselves.

    With the way it is now even though it is a waste of stuff left on the res and destroys perfectly nice res's its more fair that everyone starts out with just a big 60x60 dirt plot with nothing else.
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  3. Sorry i have to say no to this idea it just defeat the purpose of obtaining your own goods, Via -wild/wastelands or shopping. Either way this would also encourage people to hunt and claim res in hopes of finding something good on the res.

    either way bad idea
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  4. sorry we will not be doing this
  5. It also helps "clean up" the economy!!!

    Cough *Aikar* Cough.
  6. Yeah sorry but no thanks.
  7. Don't need to be blunt about it -_-
    I wish that meme said,
    "How about No, because..."
  8. Burn! Na jk

    Anyways, I disagree with this because.. Let's say a super rich guy went derelict and someone claimed his res.. Well then you have this guys that put absolutely 0 effort into getting thousands and potentially millions of free rupees.