[ Suggestion ] Residence flags?

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Would adding the ability to change residence messages be good?

Yes 3 vote(s) 75.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
List your reason why in a comment? 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Okay, I've never made one of these suggestion threads before. But here is a small go at it.

    We all understand that the /res pset [ Name ] admin t
    flag is to give that person full control over the residence.

    Would it be something to add to it, giving the person the ability to change res messages with the admin flag.

    Since the flag says * You have FULL control over this residence *. If you have full control, then why aren't you able to change the residence messages also.

    (This was poorly made, but i gave it a small shot! )
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  2. I think how if you are adding tags to a res, it only allows you to make x amount of tags based on the res owner's supporter level. This would be the same type of deal, if the res owner is gold/ diamond you should be able to change the res message.
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  3. My alt account has a residence which I need to change the message for.. I am supporter on this account, and of course, it does not allow me to change the message. I understand that I could buy supporter for my alt too but I find that a waste for my alt as I barely use it and the residence message is all I need to change.

    I have heard some other people in-game wanting this though, so I guess this is a +1 from me. :)
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  4. This suggestion would require code change a bit deeper. As all the commands currently look for your own supporter status instead of the owner's. Fixable, yes, but may be added when Aikar gets around to re-writing all of the residence related commands.
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  5. I like it.

    (To be different from all those +1's)
  6. Personally* I don't think it should be based off of 'your' level ... because if, for instance, i'm diamond ... and I have 20 friends who are non-supporters ... they could essentially all add me as admin, just so I could change their message.

    Whereas, if it's based off of the res owners' supporter level - it would be more fair.

    I'd still like the ability to change it, if I was given admin, and the owner was a supporter, however. :)