[SUGGESTION] Residence Competitions

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Do you like the idea of Residence Competitions?

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  1. Hello!

    Well the recent competition of the Good Samatarian got me thinking. Why cant we do this kind a competition, where we select a few people's residences from each SMP and have a voting system like the Good Samatarian Award. Where you vote for one person in each server.

    This would lead to players trying to build better stuff and make there res's look spot on. A better looking server for everyone would make everyone happy. New players would see the great res's and this could also reduce the amount of empty residences that I see because players would want to compete with the other servers.

    I think this would be great for the server. It would make everyone happy, because for Building people like me, would love to compete and try to have the best res. Players would love to see the res's and more builds to explore. New players might see the new competitions and stay on EMC for a while trying to compete. Also there are some talented builders on the server. This could show off some of there skills.
  2. This is a good idea for great builders or redstone experts, but what about people like me who dislike building or maybe cannot build. Those people would not have a chance to win the prize fairly. It also might lead to competition or arguments over who's the best or lead to people cheating even though this is a friendly server. How about a sign up forum for people who would LIKE to do it.
  3. I'd associate these kind of problems with the ones EMC has every month. You'll never find an event that suits everyone. However, I'd like to say that I love the events EMC throws.
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  4. sorry, i'm not as smart as you =P idk what you are saying
  5. Reworded it a bit (actually just reordered the sentences). Basically, I can't build worth anything so I don't participate in the build contests, can't draw so I don't care to embarrass myself there, etc. My point is that no matter how good the contest, some people won't be able to play - and that shouldn't be a reason why an event isn't held.

    However, keeping this in mind, I'm against this idea. It has a few problems staring me in the face:
    - 14,400 residences are hard to judge. Even if not everyone submits, you'll still have a large number of people.
    * I have little knowledge of this, but the monthly contests must be hard to judge, but will have significantly fewer entries.
    - Keeping with the same theme, it's hard to judge a res. Complexity? Practical use? Aesthetic?
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  6. I feel like this event would bring in a lot of great builders. Which would be good for everyone. And if your not into building. This the competition isn't for you ig, But with the Good Samatrian thing I didn't hear too much conflict come out of it. Like of people explaining. So it couldn't bring in to much conflict onto the server.
  7. complaining* not explaining lol
  8. Totally agree with Penguin
    But this would be like the Good Samatarian (Idk how to spell that tbh) But it would just be a handful of people from each SMP. The people who do want to be in the competitions would submit for there res to be looked over.
  9. I never said it shouldn't be held. I said it should have some sort of sign up for people who DO want to compete that way players who feel like they can't build wouldn't have to worry. I do agree that 14,400 residences would be hard to judge =P.
  10. With the good Samaritan award scouts pick certain people. Do the same!
    Also, how would one 'cheat'?
  11. Asking people to build structure for them and paying them to do that.
  12. People already do that.
    People employ others to make buildings on their residence, but no one, or hardly ever, employs some one to make a WHOLE residence, do they?
  13. We usually have a couple of building competitions each year. We have a contest each month, officially done by Krysyy the Community Manager, so you'll see them pop up from time to time. If you want to hold your own building competition then feel free to do so though, nothing is stopping you! :D
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  14. Only, this is an individual competition I believe
  15. It's very common (Eclipsys built my house, which is it's own res) for entire residences to be built by one person.
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  16. Well if you pay for the res to be built from your own money, then that is your own decision. If you want someone to build your own res you can, Just think if they have the time to build your res really good, imagine what there res looks like. Its all a competition between everyone, and if the so called "builder" wants to build your res, then I bet he would want to be in the Res. Comp. for him self :p
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  17. Sorry, I was unaware of that.
  18. You have nothing to be sorry for. :)
  19. Well, you can host one!
    If you weren't aware, the Good Samaritan Awards aren't hosted by staff. They're done by a regular player (well, Contribution Team now, but still quite regular :p).
    So, you could start up a residence competition yourself too! Of course you can ask people to help, though, doing things together makes them easier and more fun. I don't think staff will help you too much, though. If it's catching on, though, they might promote it to the front page, just like they did to the GSA. (I'm sorry for using "though" three times :rolleyes:)
  20. I am doing this already :D