[SUGGESTION] Res water freeze.

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  1. What if you could control the water from freezing with a flag such as /res set freeze false? Both my residences are in the Ice Plains biome. I'm currently making farms on my 2nd res and water keeps freezing :/ its making it hard to farm. And yes,i know you can just place jack o lanterns or torches around it, but i don't want to that for every water source block. ( I am quite lazy) Let me know what you think :)
  2. You can change biomes for 10,000 rupees and you can place blocks any height above it to prevent it.
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  3. o.o
    this i did not know
  4. I thought this was an upcoming feature? Or are you able to do it now?
  5. It is a senior staff service. You are able to do it now :p
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