[SUGGESTION] Res Visitor counter!

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  1. My idea is to have a optional res visitor counter to see how many people have visited you res each day/week. Once a person has entered the res it counts a one person on the counter. Once a person has visited the res it will not count each time the person enters the res instead it only counts for one every 24 hours(to stop spamming). I personally would like to see how many people come to my shop each day. For example: Nfell2009, Icecreamcow and bunchofbadgers enter my res. Total visitors to 8189 today is 3. Perhaps the command could be /res count. Do you think this is a good idea? Any improvements please tell me!
  2. Aww im in everyone's threads :) Man I love posting so much!

    I like it :)
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  3. First 3 names that come to my head for some reason!
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  4. :rolleyes:
  5. This sounds like a nice idea. I'd love to see this implemented it would help me with some of my "testing".
  6. How about like this:

    */res count*
    Total players that have visited 9139 today: Fellyboy X20, Jake_bagby X12, RandomPlayer1, RandomPlayer2 X2
    Then we wont get spammed with long list's :)
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  7. I like that idea nfell, all maybe there should be small rewards? Like get 15 visitors and get three diamonds. Just thinking out loud here.
  8. indeed. i vote for this! :D
  9. That, would be too easy. You just got to say "drop party at res 1234" everyone will come. I like this. Just don't know what you would need it for...
  10. Great idea!
  11. You don't need awards for getting a certain amount of people but other than this this is an awesome idea.
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  12. Thanks for the positive feedback guys/girls! :D
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  13. i think it would be nice, but not worth the work in programming one.
  14. I think this is a cool idea. Though maybe not paticular names, just number of people.
  15. Yes.
    No. Just... no.
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  16. I'm by no means a programmer and no nothing about what it takes to implement things like this, but I don't think Aikar would have too much trouble with it.
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  17. It would certainly take a backseat though, it's not a priority.
  18. It's not to hard to implement. But it adds yet another entry to the DB - which it never good... and if you wanted to track people - you would have a seperate entry for that as well. Doable, and a decent idea to boot, but not something I'd want bogging down my DBs.
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  19. Its a good idea, but everything has a price. What Mystul said.