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What do you think?

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  1. The basic idea is, when setting a res tag, you will have the option to make teleporting to your res bring you to a specific location: linking a res tag to a res location.

    For example, I have a shop and wool farm on my res. I want to set my res with two tags: +shop and +shear. I have res locations set up for store and wool. My best option, currently, is to have a teleport hub. However, for convenience, I'd be able to do:

    /res tag add [tag] <loc>

    So, doing /res tag add shop store would mean that /v +shop would take a player directly to my shop, located at res location store, rather than them having to walk around and find it themselves or look through a teleport hub.

    Doing /res tag add shear wool would mean people could directly teleport to my wool farm with /v +shear and bypass the need for adding a res location after the command (/v +shear wool).

    In the example above, the main res spawn is not at the shop or wool farm, but instead at a completely different place, for example my house.

    It's a difficult idea to explain, so let me know if you think I could word a part better.
  2. I like this idea. This would be very helpful to large malls and shops with multiple tags.
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  3. +1 Better than having signs to direct players and may confuse some players...
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  4. If you're talking about this suggestion confusing players, it might. It probably will. But it's the same as any other feature. Residence groups, custom mobs, even the residence system confuses some players and there's not much that can be done. However, this feature is optional. It isn't necessary to use at all.
  5. I love this idea!
    I've had this same problem many times b4 and would love to see this added
    +1000000000 :3
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  6. I re-read, and I actually tried to re-write your stuff above. Then I realized there's nothing to rewrite ;) I think you summed it up perfectly Penguin!

    And I'm in full support of this one, this sounds like an awesome feature.

    I really hope this could be pulled off.

    Ah: I got it: "Linking your residence tags to your residence named locations".


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  7. +1
    deez ezz good. :D
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  8. I like it! :) +1 from me.
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  9. I was thinking something along these lines last week, i was going to post sometime soon but you beat me to it ;) +100
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  10. Hmm, this is a good suggestion. Would need to rip res locations apart to do it, but in theory, possible.
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