[Suggestion] Res Perm Flag "All"

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by xXvexenXx, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Just a quick thought about having an "all" flag for the res's. This would primarily apply to those of us who have multiple accounts. ;)

    It would be nice to "/res pset xxxx all true" instead of having to go through them all and give ourselves all of the perms.
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  2. Great idea bud, but this has been suggested MANY times xD Only reason why I would think that this couldn't work is that even the res owner doesn't have "ALL" perms on his/her res. Otherwise like all the times which this has been suggested I think it's still a great idea.
  3. this needs to be a thing
  4. Exactly what biscutboy said but I could still invision it working but it would be all basic flags like build and use. I like the idea and make sure to look at the already suggested thread ;).
  5. I checked the already suggested thread and this specific function was not listed from what I saw.

    As for the owner not having ALL the perms themselves, the 'all' could mean all of the perms they have. I don't think Aikar would have a problem writing that into the mod. ;)

    I think the bigger issue would be how many people would actually use it. Most things are done for the many, not the few.

    Just a thought though. Thanks for the input.
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  6. It has been suggested by me and many others and the EMC Magical Coders have a plan for something like this.
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