|SUGGESTION| Res group access sign

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Is this a good idea?

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  1. When I am making access signs, I find it frustrating when I can't fit everyone on a sign. I think that EMC should add in some new commands for access signs.

    /res group add {GROUP NAME}
    makes a new group
    /res group {GROUP NAME} {add/remove} {NAME}
    adds or removes names for a group

    You would make a group and then put on the access sign
    group access {GROUP NAME}
  2. Similar ideas to this have been suggested and i believe there may be a very good update.
  3. this needs to be done
  4. Maybe even for the groups, you could include "Regular" for standard members, "Iron," "Gold," and "Diamond" for their respective supporter groups, and "Staff" for... well... staff members (that is, if they don't bypass flags). :p
  5. Could you also add a flag that allows another player to edit flags on a res? This would be good for those who have alts :)