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  1. As you most likely know, lots of flags are a pain to set. I have a solution! We could have chat interface flags like /ps! You would do /res flag and an interface would pop-up in chat. This would be for /res pset or just set (Player or everyone). Next, if you specified Player, you would type all the player names you want to have the flag separated by commas. Then you would choose the flag(s) that you want to all be true/false/removed (there may be several pages of flags). Finally, you would choose if you want to remove their flags from the list and let them be default, make the flag true, or make it false. That is it! PS- You dont need to use the interface as it still puts out chat commands (Change your player settings then do T up).
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  2. This is a really neat idea and deserves a bump for more people to see and brainstorm about.
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  3. Great idea! :)
  4. Thank god. We can click instead of having to type!
  5. I like this idea a lot, and when you select a flag you'll get a message in chat that says "Move flag has been set for residence xxxx" or "(player)'s build flag has been set to true on residence xxxx". Maybe on the player setting have the flag and then a [+] [-] next to jt and selecting either will change the flag for everyone.
  6. That would be really nice
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  8. Love this idea! I'd also really like a chest interface for editing flags, as I find the chat interface a bit "crammed"
  9. Isn't it planned to make a chest interface for selecting flags?