[ SUGGESTION ] Res Chat - No One Can Hear You

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  1. So I was talking to a friend and res chat, but he left from the res we were currently on. So I was standing there talking to myself for 15 minutes. So why not have the same message that pops up when no one is near on local chat? Or even "No one is on your residence to hear you".
  2. +9000
    Not sure how many times I've done this...
  3. I think this is a good idea! Why have they not done this already?
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  4. Bump, need some staff opinions :3
  5. This, this is so awesome
  6. +abunchofsupport
  7. This was in place but it was bugged, accidentally checked if 1 person heard (yourself) instead of 2.

    Fixed in the 1.7 update.
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  8. lol even worse is when you dont realize they are standing on the town road but they are like right in front of you so you dont notice!!!! :mad:
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  10. And uh, when would this update be? :rolleyes:
  11. +1 for the potato :)
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