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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by wonderwoman_16, Jul 24, 2015.

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to give out anther suggestion! Today, The topic is Commands! Now, I think you should be able to add stuff onto your residences. (For example; I think you should be able to add trees, and staff related) So, I thought you could add stuff with /res add (item/block). The command would work like this: /res add Sapling. (Or a different item) Anyways, thanks for reading my opinion what I think should be added! Hope it gets a good review :).
  2. So just to make sure I understand this suggestion correctly, you're wanting a command that lets you add blocks to the residence? No placement from you or anything, just spawn in out of thin air?
  3. This sounds like it would go against the whole survival idea of Minecraft, and EMC in general... I'm also not sure as to why we would need this? If you want a tree then you plant a sapling and wait for it to grow or use a piece of bonemeal and hey-presto :p
  4. Yes, if you don't really get it that much.. Just PM me and I'll help you :).
    Well, what I'm trying to say is you can only add in certain blocks. By all meaning, you can only add stuff like flowers, trees, and farms. (And other stuff like that) But, you can PM me if you want some more information, or need help.
  5. If you want flowers or trees, you place them on your res, and if you want a farm, you can build one on your res or go to the wild and make one... So, why would we need this command is my question? :)
  6. Well, what I'm trying to say is.. it'll be an easier way :D (Please PM me if you don't understand this. :))
  7. -1
    Just go get the item in the waste and play survival minecraft, like the server intends. This would cause a lot of issues as well
  8. I can't speaking to the programming end of the development, but practically speaking I think such an option would be counterproductive to the intention of EMC. The intention being an economically based survival server.
  9. Well, I do agree. I'm only saying you can only add like Farms, Trees, and flowers. Thats what the command will only let you do.
    Yes, I know. I just thought adding garden stuff would like nice for the Economy. After all, this is a building Empire.
  10. Heres the entire issue with this whole suggestion its self: IT WILL BE ABUSED.

    Like all I'd have to do is /res add diamond_block and poof theirs a diamond block, then Im like 'hmm I want a dc' *does command a bunch more times* 'ok, now Im going to auction this.' You see the issue in this?

    Also, as FDNY has stated, it would remove the Vanilla from the Ice cream and make toy Chocolate ice-cream.

    If you honestly wanted trees on your residence or flowers just harvest them yourself, I was very careful on how I phrased this.

    But thats just my two cents.

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  11. If you want something on your res, you build it.
    Or you hire someone else to build it.

    I can say with 99% certainty this is not going to happen.
  12. I see what you mean. You're not aloud to do /res add Diamond_Block. You can only do /res add flowers, Farm, or trees. If you don't understand it, PM me and I'll help you.
  13. Then in that case it'd still be abused, I don't think I need a private message as well :). Be careful with what commands you suggest, you could change the Vanilla with sprinkles into Chocolate.
  14. This might be hard for the developers to code and program. Why would you need to add plants so badly, when you could get it in the frontier?
  15. Okay. I could see this being added in a VERY strict way. Most likely only while resetting your residence. For example, you could do /res reset forest and your residence would turn into a forest, probably based on the actual seed of the town world. That's just about it though, I can't see it as an option in any other way. Actually, I would like to see normal grass and the occasional flower or tree on open residences, that way it won't seem like barren wasteland.
  16. -1 This is like having creative mode in a way...
  17. I think this would remove the word "legit" out of the title of EMC...
  18. So your suggesting that everyone gets world edit? Without the // and the wand. Ok.
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  19. -1 this would never happen
    and you would pretty much need world edit
  20. I see what you mean. Adding a farm to your res would be like world edit. I think this command would be abused and could cause many problems.
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