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Randomized New Players

Yes 1 vote(s) 33.3%
No 2 vote(s) 66.7%

  1. I don't think this system works. Sure, it divides the players, but it's not necessarily the best thing for 10 new players to join in on the same server 2 minutes a piece. It can become kind of hectic.

    So my suggestion: if a server meets the criteria of 20+ open residences, put the server on a list of "okay" servers for new players. If a new player joins, the server will send the new player to a random server on the "okay" list. This essentially randomizes new player joining even more to make a more balanced flow of new players.

    Tell me what you think!

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  2. I like the current set-up. If 10 new players join the same server at the same time, then they are all new and it gives them even more reason to become friends and build together.
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  3. There is one good thing that I like about one 'default' server where new players are joining in.
    Questions by players that are new and joining can be answered and read by 'all' the players at the same time, rather than have 10 players on 9 servers asking the same question.
    Also, its easier to 'watch' one smp's chat as new players are joining in, to make sure rules are followed.
    Hectic? Sometimes. Typically does not last too long though.
    My two cents at least.
  4. While collecting data on the new players, it helps us greatly to have it in small spurts on each server and as SkyDragon has said, I have seen many new players become friends with their tutorial buddies.
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