[SUGGESTION]: Renamed mob protection with Name Tags

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  1. Title says it all... I believe this was suggested already but Idk, I apologize if a conclusion was reached or not but I didn't hear anything about it...

    However, I feel the need to bring this up again because it's getting to the point where griefing other players' mobs is starting to become more and more prevalent on the Empire, as my own villager was griefed at my outpost that was renamed with a Name Tag (and several Mooshrooms throughout the Public Wild Utilities on 8 were "hit" as well, which seems to be happening more frequently than normal)

    and I believe we're at a point now where mob protection should be a thing alongside Anti-Grief to counter the instances where these mobs have fallen victim to eggification/death by other mobs/players/lightning/explosions/etc.

    We already do this with cats, dogs, and horses without Name Tags, but for Villagers and Mooshrooms (and because Empires won't be out for a while) I believe this extra bit of protection will help immensely for other peoples' outposts and public builds, especially since when these mobs are killed there's no way to trace who killed them, and thus no punishment for griefing them.

    Though I'd like to know what YOU all think about this:
    Should we have a feature added allowing non-hostile mobs to be protected with Name Tags by the player who tagged them?
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  2. I’d like this however I’d also like it on hostile mobs so I can raise my ILLAGER army
  3. agreed ItsDicey
  4. +1

    Just a couple of things that I would like to add to this idea:
    • Have a PS toggle to see if /friends can do X actions with them.
      • Kill, eggify, interact/use
    • Have a PS toggle to allow/disallow anyone to interact with them (can they milk cows, trade with villagers)
    • If Hostile mobs get protection, they should not get hostile towards other players, for obvious reasons...
    • Make it so you can't spam protect all at once (maybe limit per hour). We wouldn't want people spam protecting chickens to cause "lag-grief" to someone.
    • Should these entities count towards /entc? If so, put them at the bottom of the priority list for despawning.
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  5. Aren't name tags uncommon, though?
  6. Nah, you can trade for them (villagers) for like 20 emeralds - and emeralds are like 3r right now hahaha

    I like this idea - and hopefully, it wouldn't be too hard to implement +1
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  7. On top of what Toade said, they can also be obtained by fishing relatively easily.
  8. I would join the illager army but I'm a villager
  9. Isn't there also a recipe for Name Tags coming in an update?
  10. I don't think so but i have been living under a rock with updates
  11. Correct. I have not seen anything about crafting name tags on any snapshots.
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  12. Bump! As it would seem, quite a few people are for this and no one's completely against it -- yet
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  13. Bump... and no word from any one of the higher ups about anything regarding...? Hmm...
  14. Seems sensible to me if they can figure out how to handle entity count limits with it.
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  15. I'm not sure if this was already suggested, but what if we had Name Tags, such as these you speak of, as promos? Kind of like the Remote Shop Sign (where you can buy them online) or like a Momentus (I think that's how you spell it. Mob Drop? So they're harder to get, but nice to have. That seems reasonable to the Empire. If we had tricks like that, it would be hard for us to call it Survival in the Waste or Frontier.
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