[Suggestion] Remove Enter/Leave Message for Supporters (already implemented)

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  1. I've had some of my buddies talking about this, but it seems to be this thing that a lot of people wish was on EMC. So a lot of people on EMC have multiple residences and they have connecting residence. So I want to suggest the ability for supporters to remove their res enter/leave message. So that when they enter/leave a res, nothing appears instead of a repeated message nor' a duplicated message when entering to another residence, in which is connected. Hopefully this gets somewhere :D

  2. It'll still become awkward with multiple residences. I don't think there's a way to perfect the enter/leave message system for builds more than a single residence without linking them together so that their enter/leave messages work in unison (so that you get one enter message for going to either one and one message for leaving either one but not if you're just going between the two).

    I don't think what I just said would be added, but sure would be cool if it was.
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  3. There used to be a /res message default clear, but I don't know what happened to it...
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  4. Shh, they are working on anti grief in tools, dont distract the dev team:p
    Jk, it's a good idea:)
  5. Was that removed? That was pretty useful.
  6. It is still a thing. I don't exactly remember the exact command, but that is the gist
  7. /res message remove both

    You're Welcome! ;)
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