[SUGGESTION] Remove Community Supporter Auctions in lieu of more Concurrent Community Auctions

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Remove the Community Supporter Auctions in lieu of more concurrent Community Auctions

Yes, remove the Supporter Auctions and allow multiple/concurrent Community Auctions for supporters 5 vote(s) 83.3%
No, Leave it alone 1 vote(s) 16.7%
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  1. I've search all of the suggestions and couldn't find anything on this suggestion. So here is my suggestion.

    Instead of the low utilized Community Supporter Auctions, increase the number of concurrent Community Auctions supporters can have. It seems that the low participation of the Community Supporter Auctions has been an issue for years (https://empireminecraft.com/threads/supporter-auctions.45657/). Currently there is no open Community Supporter Auctions (and only 5 closed auctions).

    I would like to suggest something as such:
    • Iron supporters would be allowed 2 concurrent Community Auctions
    • Gold supporters would be allowed 3 concurrent Community Auctions
    • Diamond supporters would be allowed 5 concurrent Community Auctions

    This would benefit the supporter community more than the limited Community Supporter Auctions as they exist now.

    The only negative I can see is as Aikar and Krysyy state:
    However, since we a limit/rule of only one open Community Auction at a time, setting a rule for the number of concurrent Community Auctions for supporters is something [hopefully] that can be done.
  2. +1

    although I'm not sure if the whole TOS issue with Mojang will allow for this to be a perk, but having auctions only supporters can bid on seems like a bad idea because that just limits the number of bidders you can have
  3. I agree. Honestly, I only use supporter auctions rarely because I don't like to see the section so dead. Many people who bid on my auctions aren't supporter in the first place so I tend to not bother with the section.

    However, I disagree with the numbers. I think any supporter level should get ONE extra community auction. It seems better that way. B/c if I could run 3 at a time, the latest active threads when I bumped would be 3 of my posts in a row.
  4. Totally agreed!
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  5. How about one for each level? So Iron 1, Gold 2, Diamond 3. This might help increase the number of supporters too if they have a few more perks than non-supports. Just another perk.
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  6. I think it is a great idea. But there is one potential stumbling point, the EULA. As Aiker tries to make sure we are in adherence could giving this advantage to supporters be a problem?
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  7. Ah, but isn't the auctions part of EMC's web and not EULA? Not sure.
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  8. I hope so. I like to do auctions and I like to support the server. If it is doable this would potentially be a perk to being a supporter as it appears some of the other ones are going away.
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  9. There are actually about 13 pages of closed supporter auctions in the archives. Don't forget the extra archive section listed in the top where closed auctions go when complete, after staff have verified payment.

    As for the suggestion, there are two main reasons why this will likely not be accepted, as listed below:
    • Forum spam
      • The forums are already spammed very heavily with Auction threads to where, at times, there are only Auction threads in the Recently Active section. This, coupled with the rule of 3 hours between bumps, would result in even more spam if every supporter was allowed more than one auction post.
    • Auction conflict
      • Change in supportership before close of auction
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  10. As a gold supporter I like the idea, though not sure how the eula would affect it(as stated by others)
  11. Hi Krysyy,

    Couldn't this be based on supporter level at time of posting?

    Yea this would definitely be an issue. Maybe limit the supporters to one in-game advertisement of their choice every three hours? So if I had 2 concurrent auctions, I could advertise (in the game) auction 1 then 3 hours later advertise auction 2.
  12. When the auction would be reported, the player would likely already be downgraded. To the community/bystander, it would look like that player had 2+ auctions going while non-supporter, thus leading to confusion and constant reports, regardless of original status.

    It's a conflict that I'm sure we could deal with if it were the only problem. I'm simply listing it as a problem that I see from first glance at the suggestion.
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  13. Not to undermine my own suggestion but it would also add more work for ya'all mods. Maybe capture the support level at the time and flag or list their supporter level (on the post) when posting?
  14. Having a supporter status does not mean that the player is capable to take care about multiple auctions.

    Auctions do not spam the forum - auctions are not spam, but what the community needs most among all of the forum sections.
    Many auctions mean that the community and its economy are alive.
    Artificially reducing the number of auctions means artificially restricting the community.
    This is the root problem with auctions in the forum.

    EMC needs a better auction system -
    one which would need less moderation,
    one which would be more convenient to use,
    one which would be more underage-friendly,
    one which would remove the need for silly restrictions.
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  15. With all due respect, this is your opinion. And while I appreciate your opinion, I do not agree that the community 'needs' auctions the most among all other forum topics. The community is about much more than its economy.

    We'll consider the suggestion Czarina, but it needs to be tabled at this time. I've got some other conversations with Aikar going that could directly influence our ability to make something like this happen with limited issues. Closing thread with official status as tabled for future discussion.
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