[Suggestion] Remove (add toggle) for head drops

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What do you prefer?

I don't want people obtaining my heads - use Suggestion 1 7 vote(s) 30.4%
I don't want people obtaining my heads - use Suggestion 2 6 vote(s) 26.1%
I don't mind people obtaining my heads 8 vote(s) 34.8%
Other (post in comments) 2 vote(s) 8.7%
  1. I started playing the pvp arenas and I actually like them ...but there is a risk of playing - which me and a lot of other players really dislike, and that's having other people being able to obtain your head without you knowing.

    Before now I personally knew who had all my heads and they were kind of rare... then after I found out people were able to obtain your heads from the pvp arenas ... it made it seem less fun to play the arenas ... and not knowing how many people actually have your head.

    Even before the pvp arenas ... I used to go out on wild/waste adventures and if I would die someone that was walking near me could also pick up my head...

    Two suggestions:

    1) Have a toggle to turn off your head being able to drop ... you could always turn it on later if you want it to drop if you kill yourself (or even pvp)

    2) Or** on death in the wild/waste ... and in pvp ... on respawn if you were to die (and have your head drop) ...it go in your inventory only and not other people's inventories
  2. I already asked Aikar and for now the only solution really is alts. I hate it too but he said it's like a 'prize' for the winner. But some of us really want to keep our heads rare :|
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  3. I like the idea. I don't want random people coming along and stealing my heads.
  4. I think there could be an alternate drop in the arena - like maybe have paper that later is used for tokens go in your inventory for killing people?
  5. My suggestion (for PVP/MA ONLY) was to allow you to toggle your head dropping via command, BUT, if you disabled your head dropping, you'd be unable to obtain other player's heads by them dying/killing them.
  6. You can obtain OTHER players heads in PVP Arena?!?
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  7. At the moment, yes.
  8. Someone told me the other night that #2 was how it worked already.
  9. I don't play the PvP Arena just cause it is possible that someone can get your head which I do not like.
  10. It did, but apparently was changed and a bunch found out lately in PVP, hence why Caleb made the thread, but I can't find it anywhere. Was this only mentioned in Mumble?
  11. Not sure; the entire head thing wasn't really made public ... The change of whose inventory a head goes into was just something that I noticed...
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  12. Bump for interest.
  13. I don't mind people getting my head, but I think this would be a good feature and would make it easier for people who mind others getting their head.
  14. If you dont die people cant get your head. :)
  15. I've gottan around 15 heads from PvPing. :)
  16. like me lol ( i got one already >: D ), but i like this idea of toggleable head drops
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  17. *Puts guillotine away D: but but so sad *walks away tearing up
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  18. When PVP was announced, I remember reading that if I died, and a head would drop, my head would go into my own inventory. Cool, I went to PVP without armor (or really weak stuff), just for fun, and to get stomped.

    I don't mind playing against people who use god apples and shiny flesh. It is quite fun. The 'no effect' 5% damage rooms are a fantastic idea, to level the playing field (well except for knock back and fire aspect)...

    Later, when people started asking, whose head did you get? It was only then I realized the rules had changed. Really wish that this change was announced when I entered the PVP arena, rather than finding out the hard way.

    If a toggle for heads is created, I would hope that the default would be to 'off' and the player would have to make a conscious decision to allow this to happen. I like the idea that if it is set to off, then you cannot obtain other players heads.

    As for head drops in the wild/waste, I do not mind that. Most of the time I am alone, or with my friends, and when I do die, its usually lava which will take care of any drops.

    The main difference, is that in the waste/wild, I am not expecting to die.
    In PVP, its pretty much a given I will die loads.
    Regardless, we all have a choice whether to play the PVP mini games.

    As much fun as I had, and as many players I met in PVP, I won't be back unless my head has no chance of dropping.