[Suggestion] Regenerating Surfaces around Frontier Spawns

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Good idea?

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  1. As simple as the title puts it. I am truly tired of buildings which are greifed and the creeper holes that scatter the surface. I believe they make emc look bad and gives the wrong image of the emc community.

    The idea:
    1:Regenerating only surface 6 blocks under actual surface, anything above will be regened as well. The radius will be 250 blocks from every spawn.

    2.Registered outposts and active player built structures will NOT be regened if in radius.

    3. Only regenerate the surface in every year

    Opinions and input?
  2. I believe Krysyy already does something similar to this in the frontier. Someone correct me if I am wrong, plus people do have builds near the spawn and we couldn't risk making someone mad because their building is gone.
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  3. Edited in active player buildings
  4. Yeah, but still Krysyy already does something like this for the reasons you stated above.
  5. The only thing I saw is that the spawns reset.

    Edit: I am actually talking about the non-spawn protected land in this suggestion
  6. This has been suggested many times in many different formats. I doubt limiting it to 6 layers is going to change the answer the staff have to it. If it is something that bothers you you can always maintain it yourself :D I think there was even a thread/player hosted event thing where they "cleaned up the frontier spawns" this might be what ncc is talking about, not sure. Either way, we can clean it up if we really want to. We don't need the system to do it for us.
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  7. I heard Krysyy talking about it on mumble at some point in time.
  8. Senior Staff occasionally reset the Periodical Reset Area. It's the yellow (might be wrong) box on the Live Map (the bigger one). It is reset as needed.
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