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What do you think of my suggestion?

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  1. A random suggestion just popped up in my mind. The Re-plant flag.

    What is the re-plant flag?
    People on the Empire have farm that other players can use. Not everyone want to give other players build flag so the they can replace the seeds ect.

    With the re-plant flag players are ONLY able to place seeds (wheat, melon, pumpkin, saplings) and they can keep farming without any issue for griefing or destroying things they shouldn't destroy!

    Please let me know what you think of my suggestion and if you have any feedback on it :)
  2. Saplings aren't a good idea in my opinion. Who wants their res spammed with saplings?

    Other than that, good idea!
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  3. Saplings aren't a good idea indeed.
    But the other seeds need to be placed on dirt (with a hoe. I forgot the name of it :p).
  4. Well, before you can replant you need to harvest. For this you need a destroy flag, and that has the same risks. i assume that people taking this risk also take the risk of build flags.
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  5. That's true, but this flag can be used for automatic farms (where you only need to replace the seeds).
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  6. You can go fully automatic and use villagers ;)
  7. Something like this is in the making (to my knowledge anyway) where you can set the type of block which players can place or remove on your residence. I recall seeing Chickeneer comment about this some time ago.

    I could imagine that this would allow you to give players permission to place seeds (and only seeds) but not remove the crops (combination of only allowing placing of blocks, the seed type, and not giving permission to remove blocks).
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  8. oops, didnt think about that :p
    I once (like a looooong time ago) participated in a sort of "event" were you had to dig and look for a chest. The guy who organized this also builded some other stuff, wich you couldnt destroy (I dont know how I found that out, but... yah) I dont know if my memorie gives me false information, because I also remember trying to do the same but I couldnt :3.
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  9. i remember talking to just_five_fun about a harvest flag like 1 year ago. allowing people to harvest and replant crops instead of giving build flag to people. Not sure if it has been considered