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  1. Hi,

    I would love it if there were at least some items that are extremely rare. E.g. wither head drop chance is 1:40. But there ain't any item between chance "1:40" and "1:1,000,000". For example in Diablo 2 they had runes for this purpose. Each next rune would be harder to find. You would need 2 million kills (only the hardest mobs) to reach 50% chance of getting a ZOD rune.

    It would be a good chance to introduce this with "Normal Mode"-update for skeleton heads, zombie heads, creeper heads.

    Some hostile mob spawn egg: 1 : 40 ... 1 : 2,000
    Only zombie can drop zombie head, with chance 1 : 10,000
    Only skeleton can drop skeleton head, with chance 1 : 100,000
    Only creeper can drop creeper head with chance 1 : 1,000,000

  2. I like the idea! :)
  3. But diablo 2 runes sucked...
  4. That sounds like a nice idea, especially with this new update on the way.
  5. The next most expensive item on EMC Zombie head, skeleton head and creeper head lol xD
  6. Support, and I think this is already about to be implemented.
    1 : 1000 is already very rare - for 1000 kills, there is still almost 37% probability that you will get nothing :) (0.67% for 5000 kills, and if you get nothing after 10,000 kills than you were not lucky at all, because that is 0.0045% or about 1 in 22,000 :))

    But, what would you do with a creeper egg?
    Or ghast egg? :)
    Perhaps you would want to make a zoo, but they despawn on chunk unload or server reset...
  7. Bah, ICC head, 'nuff said.
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  8. Agree, but what if other heads become obtainible in survival?
  9. I'd say the most expensive is the ICC head... it cost $100...

    EDIT: Ninja'd by the Rainbow >.>
  10. Which is.... 60,000r :D
  11. I'd debate that. Since 100$ doesn't get you another ICC head (it was a one time deal), its actually the rarest item in the game right now (only 2 in existance - kevdudeman and krysyyjane's) It's not like you can donate 100$ today and get another head, or pay 60k for one.

    Also, dragon eggs.
  12. Is this a joke, or did i miss something?:confused:
  13. People who donated $100 dollars or more to EMCon 2012 got an ICC head.
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  14. Endlessly grinding to get an item just so that I can say I have it? There are other games for that. Like . . . Diablo.
  15. support.

    EDIT: just noticed you said " ain't " im not the only southern one here yay!