[Suggestion] Randomly Generated Dragon Tombs

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  1. Hey Empire!

    I have an idea about the dragon tombs. After they come out, in a few months people will know the dragon tombs by memory. This makes it easier to kill the dragon if you know where mobs are spawning.

    I think the moderators have already thought of this, but I figured I'd throw it out there :D

    Please answer the poll above.


    I want to see how many people say that dragon tombs aren't out yet :P
    Maybe 2, 3 people will.

    Aaaand forgot the poll...
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  2. I believe the dragon tomb entrance locations will automatically move/reset themselves to random locations each week, forcing them to be found before being used.

    We don't want to hide them too well though, they will be there to be used. :p
  3. that dragon tombs aren't out yet :P
  4. I see. The Cow said that around December, I think.

    I meant the tombs themselves. I have no clue what they're going to look like, but if they are multiple rooms, they could be random, like a small version of a stronghold- 2 are never the same.
  5. ICC posted a picture if what they may or may not look like, They're more portals to massive arena sort of things.
    Here is a link to the thread.



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  6. When I get back on my computer I'll find it. At the very least, the mobs would spawn from random spots.
  7. No need! Whilst you quoted me I was adding more information to the post... Only posted before it was done so I could add all the elements that I wanted... Pretty hard to do on an iPod :(
    Anyways hope it helps :D