[Suggestion] PvP/Mob-Boss Battle Arena

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  1. I've noticed that potions are almost useless besides the occasional player that gets a few for the mob arena.

    I was thinking that a possible 24/7 arena could be set up where players could fight each other or possibly a mob boss (by paying a small fee?). Maybe mob bosses fought in this arena would have a much lower chance of rare drops just so the rare item market wouldn't completely collapse, but enough to where players would still pay to try it.

    It would really help the brewing aspect of Minecraft grow, which isn't touched on as much in this sever.

    I can understand that this is a no-PvP server, but does that mean controlled PvP-ing is out of the question? A sort of dueling system could be quite fun.

  2. EMC is not a PvP server so your first suggestion will not happen unfortunately. PvP-ing is out of the question, a PVP server will come eventually, just not anytime soon. I do have to disagree that potions are almost useless, they can be used in the wild too, especially things like fire resistance for the nether! :) Also the mob boss arena thing will 'sort of' be fixed by dragon tombs, allowing you to fight bosses!
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  3. Yes fire resistance potions are quite helpful in the nether/wild. What about swiftness? Or harming? Or poison?

    To clarify, this isn't just a plea to help the EMC brewers. I thought a 24/7 arena would be fun.
  4. PVP Arena/Servers have been suggested too many times, and like what Jake said, it will come in the next 10 years.
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  5. I assumed that, which is why I added the smaller, 24/7 Mob-Boss arena that players can enter for a small fee.
  6. With that, I can see lag happening for the surrounding residences. How would the spawns work? Will it be overspawned so much that you get instakilled or what?
  7. Not saying that nothing wont happen, just that it is currently not planned. We do have plans for a larger PvP experience... if you are willing to wait for us to have the fully planned and pushed it out, I can guarantee you it will be worth the wait.

    Due to how a lot of the players/staff view PvP, I can say personally I do not see the addition of a small PvP arena being added any time soon. Its a game mode we would like to support down the line, but like everything else Minecraft, we want to do it the EMC way. Our main focus is getting the SMP experience to one we envision before moving on to a new game mode :).
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  8. I use fire resistance for nether
    I use swiftness to travel to wildbases and stuff faster
    I use harming for mob farms
    I use poison for my friends :)
  9. Obviously this is only a skeleton of an idea. Off the top of my head, the arena could be placed outside of town. Similar to the wild or nether. Of course if players are getting one hit killed then the number of spawns would be decreased, if too easy then increased. Your questions are valid but are easily remedied and don't really take away from my initial idea.

    I'm sure many people use potions, my point was that it doesn't have a very large presence in the server.

    I'm not married to the idea of a PvP arena. I was just trying to shine some light on the battling/fighting aspect of Minecraft. Mob bosses are far and in between, and enraged mobs are put to shame with some diamond armor.

    I just wanted to get people thinking on the idea. I'm sure these sort of posts have circulated in the past. I've jut had trouble finding them using the search feature haha.
  10. They have been suggested sooooo many times in the past :p
    Anyway potions can be used for sooo many things. I like to use night vision potions for caving/building in my res, regen potions and health potions for fighting or healing up my horsie <3 and health potions work great against the undead. Potions are used for MANY things in the empire
  11. I think I've only used night-vision and fire resistance. It's nice to hear people use all potions regularly :D
    I just don't want this to get side-tracked into a conversation about potions haha.
  12. Well, EMC says it is not a PvP server, so that won't happen, even if people really wanted it. But, the boss arena already exists on smp 5. So... yea... :p
  13. Also it said " No PVP on SMP servers " on the Already Suggested Ideas thread.
  14. The boss arena on SMP5 is nice, however it isn't exactly what I was describing.

    I understand. We can drop the PvP aspect of what I suggested. I don't need 20 people telling me that already lol.

    If an admin can lock this thread that'd be great. I'd rather not keep hearing how PvP-ing isn't going to happen even though that only constituted part of what I was saying :/
  15. I do not think there will be a 24/7 Mob Arena for a few reasons:
    1. We got the SMP5 Events.
    2. You can go into the wild and kill mobs
    3. Too much coding prob.
  16. http://track.empire.us/issue/CON-3

    The tracker is very nice to read sometimes :)
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  17. Not to relevant, but there is a pvp flag.
  18. Doing it the EMC way… using the official Aikar timer…
  19. I don't know if someone has said this already or not (because I'm too lazy to read all of it), but we do, or did, have a boss arena for at least one night. This happened on the same night as the special ICC sword mob arena event. A special mob arena was made so that players could fight the bosses of EMC like Malix and momentous along with the Wither. But this mob arena worked like a normal one where it was planned by a mod or admin and was only open when the mod or admin was there and is not open 24/7.