[SUGGESTION] Putting note blocks under "use"

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  1. Hey, me here. I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, but a quick search of 'note block' in the forum titles didn't bring it up. I'm planning on making a big note block song, and was in the process when someone went up and changed a few. I wasn't really upset that they did, because it was in the early stages. But when it's done, a person can ruin a lot of work with just their right mouse button. I know some residences have note blocks for people to play with, and I guess a note block flag would be better in this case, but I'm under the impression that making new flags is more difficult than simply adding functions to an old one.
  2. Great idea. Me and eklektoi are making a song too, and this would be very helpful if accepted. :D
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  3. i like it! truffle aprroved :)
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  4. Agreed
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  5. Hi me :)

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  6. congrats on an idea that actually is practical, usable, and makes sense!
    Aikar, you have some coding to do!
  7. Sounds like a good idea to me :D
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  8. Look at all the disagreement!
  9. Haters gonna hate I guess :mad:
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  10. First time in a while :)
  11. You can ignore me n game, but not on the forums, do you plan to make it any specific song, or just a random made up song, anyways I'll be glad you hear it.
  12. Multiple songs...
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  13. JeanZ Nation Approved
  14. Seems like a dece idea.
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  15. I like this. It's practical. Hopefully not too hard to code.
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  16. When EMC eventually updates Residence (which will be in the coming months), this feature will be added, since it already exists on a newer version.

    Not got a clue which of these will be added to EMC. Also, if you don't have move then you just get teleported outside the res, not thrown 9001 blocks into the air.
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  17. This sounds epic! I like Note Block songs :)
  18. <-----rotate head or eyes 23° to the left for my responds
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  19. This idea has been granted the Manglex seal of approval!