Suggestion: Purchasable Entcount Extension

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Do you like this idea? I'm not sure if it has been mentioned before

yeah 6 vote(s) 60.0%
yes 7 vote(s) 70.0%
ya 5 vote(s) 50.0%
sure 6 vote(s) 60.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. The title says it all. 50k for 25 extra entities. It would be expensive so not a lot of people would have a lot of animals and the lag and stuff can be balanced. You'd be able to keep buying it until your max reaches 150 entities, so there would be two purchases of 50k and an extra of 50 entities :D

    EDIT: Maybe it could be purchasable with tokens! -idea from Plutarch
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  2. goosebumps
  3. 100% on board Two Heads are better than one hunh Max? Har. I was thinking along the line of you purchase the right to have 100 more entities for x amount of tokens and you could purchase these upgrades until you hit about 500 entities allowed total
  4. The maximum of 100 entities was made to prevent lag, I do not think a player should have the possibility to buy their way out of the cap.
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  5. Thats why you put the tokens higher so not everybody and their mother buys it
  6. it's only 50 entities more and not everybody has 100k rupees to spend :p
  7. But everyone gets tokens :/
  8. I think you should only be able to buy a max of 25 more entities, but I like the idea.
  9. 50*X (X could be 10, or 100, either way that's 500-5000 more entities possible. Lagggg)
  10. Did you not get what I said? you could only own 500 entities at a time! Not Buy 500 entities 100 times! 500 ENTITIES MAX
  11. Oh and 500 is just an example. But definitely around 500 probabaly lower
  12. You didn't understand me. If 10 people got upgraded, that's 500 more possible entities.
  13. Well more than that yeah but 500 was a wild number. It was just an example but again the token cost would be high so it wouldnt be purchased that often
  14. There would be limitations of course but let it be known if this idea were to go through however limited its not like it would instantly lag up the servers... I mean comon I hope thats not what you guys are worried about. My main thing im pushing here is Ent. Increase pretty much everything else is optional/flexible. However I think its something youd have to work towards. Not just hey i got a few tokens from voting lets buy 10000 extra slots for sheep. You have my words misconstrued if you thinks thats what im suggesting. Im going to bed I have a doctors appointment tommorow might not be back till thursday ill draft this idea a couple times and get a good outline with restrictions and the lot I was spitballing a good idea.
    I just need to refine it till its a emerald. Or something like that. Night guys! Cya Thursday for certain.
  15. You weren't around when the limit wasn't in place. Even with players averaging about 175-225, and a few extremes near the 500-600 range, there was very noticeable lag. /tps was horrible, and staff routinely had to come online to kill hundreds of animals that were making dead zones on the server, much like an infinite firework dispenser can.
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