[Suggestion] /ps setting for hearts

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/ps setting for hearts?

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  1. Hello Empire! I have a simple suggestion that would make lots of people me happy.

    Let's have a /ps setting to toggle whether you can get shot with a cupid's bow. I, for one, find the hearts to be annoying and distracting.

    It's pretty simple, but I would love it. Anyone else?

  2. what does ps stand for
  3. I don't think they can be turned off. If I remember rightly, Bukkit/Spigot will show the particles to everyone.
  4. A command :)
    And for this, Blinds me at the peak of my jump at pvp +1
  5. hmmm /player setting setting.... wait wot
  6. It's been in place for a while now and a reminder message shows up every time you log in...
  7. you confuze me so nvm

    oh and +1
  8. i know tis old thread but +1

    its annoying if u need 2 place signs and ppl shoot u. even if u ask them not to :confused:
  9. We fixed the bug with the hearts (that noone reported). It's too much effort to try to control particles like this, so not going to happen.
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  10. ^_^ -1 I like shooting you with Cupid Bows :p
  11. Wouldn't it work to turn particles off in your settings?
  12. whhhhhhhaat?!?! *heart breaks*

    ... i love the hearts so much.
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  13. It was tested and it doesn't work. This suggestion would make you impervious to hearts above your head. I found this especially irritating in nether spleef when you needed f5 to see your paths.

    Even when I did report a bug you still said and I quote.
    Can you please say something else other than "I don't have time" Please tell the community what you're doing instead of stating "I don't have time" I find it quite irritating and rude. I prefer a valid excuse.
  14. I would absolutely love to see this in here. Now me I do not like valentine's day so at the Valentine's day netherspleef I kept on getting shot with the bow and arrows and like foxy:
    So I did not like it. I want that option in this <3
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