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  1. The PS command allows people to play their way, with several options to change gameplay, if they choose. However, there are a few places where this is lacking, or where it could just be improved a little more.
    -Buffs: Allows people to enable/disable getting any types of positive buffs, for those looking for a challenge, or don't want to deal with that. I say positive buffs because disabling debuffs would be overpowered, or can be used to your advantage in things such as PvP or fighting things like witches.
    -Holograms: You know those giant, obnoxious messages that pop up on the screen every now and then? Just choose to disable them all.
    -Chat Notification Upgrades: What if, say, you wanted to get a notification every time someone says a specific word? For example, I want the chat to make a sound when people just say the word 'Jay' or 'J2a', because I get called that a lot. I can just use a PS command and type in the word that I want to see. Example: /ps alertword j2a, and then after typing that command, every time someone types that in, I get notified as if someone has said my name.
    Sometimes, the server you're on gets crowded and people are always using the chat. In many cases, it's too hard to click on the PS setting that you want to use. This is why you could use commands to instantly change your PS settings without having to click on chat links.
    Examples of those commands:
    /ps pvpdrophead off - Disables dropping your head in pvp with one simple command instead of clicking chat links.
    /ps difficulty [number] - Same as having to click the difficulty chat link.

    That's all I have to say for now. I will add more if I think of more that can/should be added. Comments/complaints?
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  2. I like your suggestions, however some already exist. And don't feel bad; the Empire has so many options that it becomes too easy to overlook things (but we're working on making some pages on the wiki a little more accesisble).

    Anyway, I'm just pointing these out to help a little.

    This already exists: /chat alert add <trigger> where 'trigger' is the word which you want to be alerted about. You can use add, rem (remove) and list. Amount of triggers depend on player (support) level.

    This exists as well: /diff <number>. You can use just /diff to get an overview of the current settings.

    I like your other suggestions. To my knowledge you cannot turn the "hologram messages" on or off at this time and I have to admit that those also manage to distract me a little sometimes. Still... I also have to admit that their use is pretty sporadic, so it's not enough to really annoy or hinder me. But having an option to toggle them would be cool.
  3. +0 for buffs setting. Turning difficulty up will cancel all buffs. I'm not sure of the exact level the buffs are cancelled.

    Holograms? You mean the things that tell you what a monster dropped? There's already a setting for that: [Loot Announcements]. If you're referring to actually holograms, as in the ones in front of the main doors at Mob Arena, those are used for very important things, so I disagree with a setting for those.

    Chat notifications: Shell covered it. /c alert [add/remove] <alert>

    As for changes... that already exists. You don't actually need to go into the menu to change settings. It's /ps set [settingname] <condition>. For the name, it's just the name of the setting (for example, PvP Drop Head, condensed into one word, pvpdrophead. For the condition, it's usually just "on" or "off," but that may change (it's numbers for the difficulty setting).

    Or, /diff #.
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  4. As others have said theres already settings for the things you asked for mostly.

    But for holograms - we will not be adding an option for it. We use holograms for important information that is relevant to an area. Turning them off would be removing our ability to deliver information we deem is necessary for you to know, so we will not be doing that.
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  5. Thanks!
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