( Suggestion ) "PROMO" National Flag Day

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  1. I'm suggesting an officially fun promo......World flags on banners.

    The promo would be a EMC colored banner.

    Obtained by the /promo.........../promoflag

    What does it do:

    Well it would act like a Pot o' Gold. You can right click it once every 24 hrs to get a random banner flag from around the world.

    Perhaps even a brief message as to history of the flag will appear once it's been generated.

    Well that's my suggestion. Please leave some comments and some + or - signs.
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  2. What item would it be? As in the item you right clicked?
    Over all a +2 from me, good idea and could be a bit educational, also it could represent some of the nations that are generally not thought of, because not many people represent that nation on EMC
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  3. Most banner flags can be made quite easily by the players themselves for cheap cost so we'd likely not have something like this.

    Check out this link for details on how you make country banner flags:
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  5. Thanks Kryssy for the link. I just thought it would be a cute idea for a promo.
  6. I think it is a cute idea, but given that it's easily made by players, we'll likely stick with them making them.
    For promos, we try to focus on things that the players cannot make themselves.