[Suggestion] Preview + Shop = Love <3

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  1. This idea stemmed from how much of a PITA it is to sell horses and enchanted items.

    Basically, combine the Preview feature and Shop feature to create a shop chest that can sell various things at various prices. Rows 1, 3, and 5 would contain prices, and rows 2, 4, and 6 would contain what is being bought. The prices would be vertically above the item being bought. Since the preview chest just replicates the chest below it, I figured this system could be used to create a system similar to the promo system.

    The sign telling the server that the shop is a Preview should could be made like this:

    [UI Shop]

    Or reversed if the top line is symbolic to the server in some way.

    The prices above the items could just be renamed paper that told the server the price of the item. It would be an integer value, no commas or periods. I am not sure if the server could change the paper into something fancy like the promo instructions, but that would be cool if it could. Like with promos, you would shift click the item you want (this should include a confirmation window similar to the one that appears when giving +admin), and the server process the transaction.

    Another thing I thought could be helpful would be to add a mail-storage option to the sales. Let's say your inventory is full. When you get to the confirmation window, it would have two green options. One goes to your inventory, the other costs XXr and sends the item to your mail.

    I am not sure how realistic this idea is, but it it worth a shot lol.

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  2. Hm, sounds pretty cool! :) I like the idea.
    What's a "PITA", by the way?
  3. It is a Pain In The "butt" :p
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  5. Sorry, I didn't read the Track link. But, wouldn't this require an infinite shop chest/chest linking?
  6. I am so bad at tracking Track (NPI, alright well it is good to know that. :D
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  7. Should I even acknowledge this comment?
    Nah, it's alright. I had not made a post on the forums about this yet.
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