[Suggestion] Preview Option for Books

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  1. So I was testing something out and it didn't work so I thought of this idea. I was thinking of a way to help people read more of the books for the Scare Books event. I tried this using the [Message] sign over a chest with the book inside. Sadly it only showed the first page of the book. Maybe for this that tag could be [READ] and it would activate the book inside. This would open up the book as if you had the copy in your hands. Much like the preview sign for chests. Then people can read your book and the owner would not have to worry about losing that copy if its not returned.

    This can be used for more then just this type of event. Could also be a cool feature for book shops/libraries. They could display a book of the month type thing and change it when needed.

  2. This was a hope for feature, that I know was not possible in 1.7. I don't know if we explored the option again after we updated to 1.8; if it is possible, definitely would be a feature we would add
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  3. Yes. This. So much. I really want to start a library but my main concern is people not returning the book; this, if it can be implemented, would solve that.
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  4. Great idea! ;)