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  1. I was thinking of how the minibosses could be better with the current situation. They aren't the best which has Aikar to buff the miniboss or try to make it more fair, which ends up not working out sometimes. I have an idea for a foolproof plan (that I can think of) that could work.


    There are four portals:
    • Marlix
    • Momentus
    • Wither
    • Elder Guardian
    Each of these portals have a distinctive look and each of them teleport you to a battle to face off with the miniboss in a map made by the staff/community/build team built to make it a far battle.

    I made a few examples of simplistic portals. You can see the authenticity when you hover over the item frame to see the special name "Wither Portal" or something.
    When these portals spawn, a special message that could mean anything appears in chat: A portal has appeared nearby!
    Vague but to the point.
    When you find the portal, you enter the water stream and get teleported to the map and a message appears in group chat ____ has entered a portal. Click here to join!
    One the leader enters the portal, the portal disappears
    You click it and get teleported to the arena-type map. From there, the miniboss spawns in slightly delayed and you begin to battle. At any time, you can type /giveup or something like that to give up. The tokens are dispersed to those in the game and the prizes are dropped.
    Some notes:

    • Portals spawn similar to feast or holiday chests: Above ground but on land
    • Portals despawn when the miniboss would usually despawn
    • This should be heavily tested before added
    • The wither and elder guardian is reverted in the vanilla wasteland/wilderness
    • The marlix/Momentus/Improved Wither/ Improved Elder Guardian no longer spawn and instead spawn in the portal
    • The miniboss targets anybody in the map

    • The fight cannot be bias due to terrain.
    • Minibosses can be correctly nerfed and buffed in a controlled manner
    • Less confusion to new players and easier to learn overall
    • Offers a fair fight

    • The miniboss auto-attack is no longer applicable
    • Minibosses would need to be reworked
    • More coding for Aikar and may effect his "vision"
    • Death Arena may be different
    TL;DR: Portals teleport to custom minibosses instead of them spawning naturally in the world
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  2. Creative idea! I like the concept of having a portal to teleport you to the miniboss. +1 from me.
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  3. I see where you're coming from with the terrain ussue, but I think it kinda messes up the semi-vanilka background of EMC and this would be too much coding for a relatively small addition.

  4. It doesn't really mess it up. I believe dragon tombs will be using the same idea.
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  5. Like it
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    1. How does this 'mess up' the 'semi-vanilla' feel of EMC in any way, shape, or form? Dragon Tombs (at least, in the concept that had been built for up for it over the last 3 years) will be using this exact same system.
    2. This isn't very much coding at all.
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  6. +1
    interesting and creative concept I must say but here's my question so say I enter the portal and beat that boss what now? Do I leave through the the same portal or I get toed back automatically all so the portal should disappear when the battle begins that way no one can go back and forth slowly weakening the boss down. Plus I believe they should have there own different areas as in if u find a portal on diff 9 it's much harder to navigate then one u find on diff 2. To make it more fun there should be random or be A random chest to aid u in battle just a little depending on your Diff level once again. So basically my point is ur diff should also matter when it comes to how u will fight and not just what you will fight.

    My Two Cents I hope u like
  7. I had trouble with this part. I was thinking a Lives system, but people may not like that. Then again, people prob would never /giveup. I'll add the lives part.
    Also, you respawn in the map.

    In my mind, the only thing that should change is the mob's difficulty. The maps should remain relatively the same.
    • Momentus
      • I'd imagine a flat(ish) type area
    • Marlix
      • Flat(ish) area with some cover such as a broken building or something
    • Wither
      • Any map would be good for the wither, except underwater.
    • Elder Guardian
      • Underwater
    Also, I'd like to remain relatively the same as it is now. It spawns and you fight it with only your gear. And your difficult already does that. If you're on 5, you will be fighting like there is tomorrow. If you're higher, you will be fighting but with caution.
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  8. I like the idea although then you have to think.... minibosses are ment to be hunted. This would have to be reworked to make the drops harder to get and harder to fight. And if someone were to enter the van only do so once every 48 hours or something like that. And then maybe one person at a time. if you want to enter and someone was there. you would be put on a que.
  9. Sorry but the system works fine the way it is and feels more natural. so we would not be changing the system to as suggested.

    It's part of the thrill to have to quickly adapt the fight to your current environment. Marlix for example is sooooo much easier in dark oak forest, but in a desert knocking you into cactus or a mountain area knocking you off for fall damage?
  10. Wait, what? What van? Is it white? You shouldn't get into strange white vans, even if you only do it once every 48 hours. Please don't get into white vans. this is a joke if you haven't cottoned on already
  11. This would make battles seem artificial and always having the same fight situations would make the fights boring.
    But, would you be able to edit the terrain, but not keep the materials to may have gotten from the area?
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  12. You put a lot of thought in this idea and I can see a lot of potential!
  13. lol, spell check on cell says there is no such thing as Portal.....
  14. It doesn't work fine that much.

    Just yesterday I ignored a momentus spawn because I was underground and somebody else attacked it. Unfortunately the momentus pulled ME in and killed me.

    Also, always having a miniboss pull you in or ignore your attack just because the monster puts itself in that situation does not feel natural at all.

    Being placed in an entirely different map and situation would cause you to quickly adapt, would it not?
  15. I agree fully to this as for this idea... -1

    As many have stated it would feel more robotic. It wouldn't be as fun as actually finding and fighting the creatures.
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  16. If the portal change cant/wont be implemented, how about changing minibosses so they can't target you (pull you in) unless you have hit them first? That should protect the innocent.

    Although, I have never had this problem when set to diff 1, so that may be the solution. Just set your diff level way down if one spawns near you.
  17. and i say, HEYEAYEAYEAYEA
  18. Great idea! Or maybe one option if the coding team doesn't want to do these arenas, when Aikar gets finished with his frontier -outpost update, the individual communities could offer up their farms for something like this (i.e. you would click the tp to the guardian farm and you automatically enter /map hide mode so you aren't able to see the coords of the outpost, tp would be set to inside the outpost mob farm and another tp sign to bring you straight back out of it - with no possibility of hacking through the walls or otherwise griefing)
    And the benefit to the outpost offering up this service, a fee to tp or something like that