[Suggestion] PM Alerts

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  1. Now, I don't do many suggestion threads on here so I hope you can forgive me while I try to explain here.
    What my idea was that whenever you receive a PM in game a small noise is played to act as a alert.
    I find that this would be most useful to those who were AFM at the time, as the noise would alert them to the PM.
    Now, before people say this is not possible, I know that it is, I admit the only reason I'm suggesting it here is because I saw it on another server and felt it would have a good home on EMC :)
  2. i love this idea
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  3. If this were to be included, I think the server staff would end up effected the same way as those in vault 92, lol.

    I approve.
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  4. I'm a brick, and I approve this idea.
    However, Brick sometimes hate noise.
    Please add it to where /ch off also turns off that noise. thanks.
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  5. You were on another server....:mad:
    lol kidding... :D
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  6. Don't see why not, it would fit. Nicely with the alert preferences.
  7. I think that'd be great. Also really handy for people like me who do other things while AFKing on the server :D
  8. Love this! :D

    Just, add a command to be able to turn the sound off :p
  9. This is extremly possible, because aikar could make a code that would play a minecraft ringing sound(they have sounds like that).