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  1. Hey EMC,

    The past few days i was thinking of some new res idea's. Here they are.

    Perm Banned Player Reses

    I have been noticing a lot of people coming on with some kind of hacks weather it is flying or not, But one thing is the Derelict Status. There should be a way for EMC Staff where when they ban player and they have proof, of them using it. Then since they have to start over again if they come on. They should just be able to enter their name into a system that makes their res get deleted. Therefore there would be more reses open for new players, and you would not have to wait for the time to go down of a perm banned player.

    New Players

    I have Been Noticing a lot of players come on and then leave and their res is left the same as they got it. They should add new multiple Res Derelict System where the res goes Derelict depending on how long they have been on, and voting,

    For Example:

    New Player Just joined and left and did not come back, res would be set on a 5-10 day derelict system.

    New Player Came on and did not come on but then came on and did some res changes then system the time, to 10-15 days.

    Depending on what the player does to the res in the first week of sign-in that would change the derelict status.

    Player Reses in general

    If you happen to be going away, for a long time "College" and you have a lot of stuff you worked hard and want to keep, there should be a way to fill out a application with some of the following info:

    -Why you are offline for a long time
    -Amount you will be gone for
    -Why you want to keep your stuff
    -What reses

    And then that protection will last until you log back on, and then you will have to re do the application. This would help a lot of older players in college and university, where you cant get on as much.

    Well there you have it, a quick idea that i came up with. Feel free to post anything on your thoughts about any of the aboves, and even something you could add to make it better.
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  2. I love the idea Finch I've been thinking that to :D
  3. I know that you can already ask for days that you'll be off..
  4. Thanks Everyone :)
  5. Very good ideas. I think you can tell a mod or admin to hold a res if you cant come on for a while already. Not positive on that though.
  6. you can
  7. I know you can, but i am looking for a more secure updated way.
  8. The new player derelict system is already at 10 days for initial log ins that don't come back frequently enough. You can request time off. Moderators can put in for a permbanned res to be unclaimed.

    I think that covers everything.
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