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Is this a good suggestion?

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Yes. 11 vote(s) 91.7%
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  1. Hi guys :D Brick here with some suggestions that we could use for different purposes.
    NOTE: Some of these ideas would be used in turn with res broadcasts.

    %name -
    Could be used in res messages to color the players name as their supporter rank. Would also be used to create a list of everyone of the residence using /res %name.

    %texp -
    Would be useful if you can't go on site at the moment, and want to know how much texp you have. Would most likely be used with a pressure plate.
    ~ Suggested by ISmooch

    /res [dynamic content] OR /% -
    just the command that lets YOU see everything, but not everyone. /res [dyn content] would be used in just res activities where /% is for everything else.

    %coordinates -
    Could be used in res broadcasts, letting people know where they are in the res, but no one else knows. /%coordinates could be used for quickly finding your own cords out in the wild /location does this already. If something like /%coordinates did happen, perhaps it would tell you how many blocks away you are from your destination, and which direction you need/ are going in.

    Have a suggestion or want to add on to these, go on ahead :)
  2. What do you mean? Do you mean like, having the supporter rank colour with the name too?
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  3. I am pretty confused myself.
  4. Pretty much,
    kind of tired so sorry if I was confusing >.>
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  5. This is a good idea. Maybe you could make it %rplayer instead of %name and it would make a bit more sense.
  6. This is not an entirely impossible idea.. the reason %player work though is a minecraft default. That is syntax that Minecraft has and you just use it :p, its not out of the realm of possibility to see something like this added in the future.. adding a whole new dynamic call like %name just for the sake of changing name color... probably not the main goal. But if you could find other uses for this, like maybe a way to call TEXP scores? with something like %texp? Not saying my idea is any better, but you want something that yields some pretty nice results to really hope to see an idea like this used.

    I would advise coming up with some interesting idea and calls and their uses, the would probably help the cause.
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  7. If something similar to RTS was added extra %whatever's could be used. What I mean is when you go over a pressure plate, instead of teleporting, a message would be broadcast (with a prefix of course :p), and it could add points(don't know how :p) or say your name or whatever.
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  8. :p Colored Res Messages aren't needed either, though we have them, for the sake of having them. How would this be any different? I like the idea of the texp, but maybe with a sign and pressure plate instead. A lot of things could be turned into to dynamic content, like %coordinates (coords for short) It would take the coordinates of the position you are in, so if a res broad cast went out, it would tell where you are on the res. :) Just a cool thing to do for a hot and cold game in minecraft :p
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  9. again, the colored res messages, all that was really done was allowing the res messages to have access to the color codes that were already available in minecraft. Giving access to something that exist, vs creating something from scratch are different things.

    Again, not saying its a bad idea... but, its just going to need more reason other than 'use %name to change the color of the persons name', to get much appeal. Now, the coordinates idea seems neat. I would not personally know of any way to use that myself, but can see by your example possibilities for neat things to be done. Like I said, the coding and everything for '%player' is already in Minecrafts code. Not saying it would be entirely difficult to add new things... but, we have to see that there is an interest and a need to make something like that happen.
  10. Erm lol :p I don't think you understand what this thread is for, I am not sticking only to the name thing, that doesn't matter to me, if it is implemented or not. I want more dynamic content in general :p I think when I am on my pc i will edit OP to say that and have the other dyn content
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  11. No I understand that, but instead of just saying 'Make more of these things...' you should give suggestions.. not just one either in a case of something like this. Not even just suggestions, but how they will be used, and their appeal. Its to catch the appeal, to post that one thing that the staff looks at it and goes 'We do need that'. But just saying 'add more dynamic content' does not really give us much to work off of.
  12. It's like 12 30 am, I am half awake and on phone lol my common sense is out the window currently. Please check back at a later date
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  13. Bump, heavily edited OP.
  14. /location. :p Potentially good suggestion though. :)
  15. Hmm, maybe have it so you can enter in a set of cords you are trying to get to, and using your current position to find the distance between them?
  16. I am still extremely confused but the way people are reacting, I am voting yes.
  17. >.< :p What's confusing about it?
  18. Me like.+1 to you. :-P
  19. The %Thing