[Suggestion] Plant & Crop Growth W/O Online Player

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  1. {This might just be a 1.7 lag or a glitch/lag in MineCraft on my computer, so don't judge me :D thx}

    So a few of my friends and I have seen that without being on our residences, our planted crops such as wheat and pumpkin don't grow like they do in regular Minecraft.

    Also, if we aren't online, but still on our residence, the planted crops won't grow.

    This kind of makes it difficult to grow good crops, because with the busy schedules that a lot of us have, it's hard.

    It would be great to have crops and plants grow without the player having to be online or without being on his/her residence.

    Thanks so much! If there is a reason that this can't be done, it would be awesome if I could know :).

    Thanks again!
  2. We Mojang have a nice system where the chunks HAVE to be loaded in order for stuff to happen. It is part of our anti-lag :D
    Thanks RaneBoeChin
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  3. That's actually completely vanilla behavior, the chunks have to be loaded.
    To do this would require all chunks to be loaded in town constantly, which we don't wan't as it would lag the servers down massively.
  4. In Single player minecraft, the game sees a certain area where you spawn in as 'always loaded'. Which means anything in the surrounded chunks (I think it's aprox 7 x7 chunks 112 x 112 blocks) is always loaded, even when you are not there.

    On servers, in multiplayer worlds, they usually do not have this feature.

    Hence, you'll find on your single player, if you have built farms inside the 'spawn chunks' area, they will continually grow when you are not around. Here in EMC, they will grow only when a player is nearby.

    So to keep your res loaded, provide free stuff to players, so they are always visiting, and your plants always growing.
  5. Thanks for the explanations :).