[SUGGESTION] Personal Nickname Command

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  1. I think and hope that there should be a new command added to all EMP servers: /personalnick (or) /pnick. If your friend has a loooong username, and it's frustrating to even have to remember it, use this new command. The way it would work: /pnick [player's name] [nickname]. When nicknaming a friend, you can type /tell [nickname] [message] and that friend would get the message. These nicknames would be restricted so only you can see it.
  2. Nice idea but it would only be useful for some people
    You could always just type /tell then press tab to scroll through the online players until you get to their name
    Also, by typing /tell AliceF3 (example) with out a message, then it'll start a conversation with that person. So any messages you type will automatically go to that person
  3. If you have an issue with simply typing out the name in /tells, there is already a thing to help with that, you don't have type out the full name. For example for my name you could do /tell Rainbow or even /tell Rain and so long as there isn't any other people online with a similar name, it'll find me.
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  4. I am aware of that, but sometimes they cant even remember their friend's username (unless they check it on chat list). Then again, it would only be useful for certain people, but it could also be used just for fun, i guess.
  5. And one more tip while I'm here, @(username) to start and @@(message) to reply.
  6. It may be fun but with this kind of feature, there are several easy solutions to the problem
    Very unlikely to be added
  7. i did not know about the @@ feature! :D time for me to reread the wiki! ;)
  8. I'm not sure what might be on the wiki, but there's plenty of stuff that the members don't seem to know about.
    For example, if you are in local chat you can do @t (message) to talk quickly to town without even switching to it. :)
    That works for any chat channel of course.
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  9. It was on the wiki i just missed it :D thanks much rainbow!
  10. I like this idea but on a low scale. Most people like me just have a general name like Sky. I see some confusion that can go on if somebody renamed me to Sky and forgot about it the next day. And you can already shorten the /tell command like @Sky Hey man