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  1. Suggestion part 1)

    I don't know why this just occurred to me - but one thing I've always seen in people's /res info's ... are inconsistent names for perms - meaning I see people type names that don't exist or are spelled incorrectly - yet they are added to the perm list anyway.

    So what i'm suggesting is for the names to be checked and auto-case adjusted ... and if the name doesn't exist it say the name doesn't exist and doesn't add the perm.

    This will help keep people's perms list with consistent, correct usernames - instead of just randomly wondering if they added the right player.

    Suggestion part 2) an edition for part 1 - maybe for later....

    When you start to type someone's name it comes up with a box listing all the player's names with what you typed in their name - so you can see how to correctly type someone's name - or just select the name and it place that name in your chat bar.
  3. I like this idea. Here is what I say
    Idea Uno
    I would love this, every time I ask for perms, they only do SkyDragon. Auto-case would make it look great too!]

    Not sure that this is completely possible. I would like TAB to work for res perms though.
  4. Once the commands go over to a new system (or something like that) exactly that will be possible on all commands involving usernames.
  5. This is why I am not the lead developer.
  6. They both sound like nice features, but when you give perms, the person you are giving them to usually is right there to give you feed back. I'm not sure why people leave their perms that way. I imagine that not everyone is aware that they can do remove as well as true and false.

    We do need an aid for managing permissions. I'm expecting we will eventually see something that uses an interface similar to the one we are using to set our head drop flags.
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  7. The trouble with easy permissions is that the vanilla client doesn't support any type of good menu system for it. The chest gui isn't really good for adding names, and clicking names on screen or tab completion is still messy.

    The end result is either not very user friendly (read 'you have to type it yourself without making a mistake') or just some hack to make the best of the options available. Aikar is doing a good job of working with what is possible, but he only has the options that the client supports. He has stayed true to not requiring modified clients on EMC, and I agree that it is best for the growth and stability of the community.

    Another option would be a web based tool for updating your residence permissions, which could look really nice and include any features EMC wants to create, but that makes the system much harder to use and learn for many people. It also adds another layer of complexity.

    It is also very hard to say what will become available in the future from within the minecraft client.
  8. Click UI is planned, so you can do /res pset <name> and then it brings up the options/current flags.

    As for the OP Request - checking names is def something we should do (And auto casing is easy from there too)

    As for the completion... I think tab completion should work on the /res command.

    We can't auto pop it up as you type, but if you /res pset PartialName<tab> itll auto complete for all online players.

    Auto completing OFFLINE players will be a much bigger deal that does require transitioning Residence to the new command system, and also developing offline player support to the command complete system.
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  9. We can do it with the new chat features pretty well and user friendly, just its going to be a pretty big update to support it.

    I was thinking grouping the flags so that its not "Heres 40 flags to click on", and provide easier options to "Give all from this group" too.