[Suggestion] /p shows rupee balance (DENIED)

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  1. I'm over people saying I'm lying about my rupees balance :3 Maybe if we do /p <player> it'll also show their current rupees balance?

    I kind of don't know what else to say... so yeah... I hope this can be apart of the Empire!
  2. Some people don't want their rupee balance to be shown, including myself. I don't think this would be a great idea unless you could somehow make it private
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  3. We will not be including this as part of /p.

    Things like rupee balance and tokens are kept confidential for a reason. If you have a problem with players talking bad about you/your balance, please /report them for staff to take action.
  4. Maybe if its optional i would support it.
  5. -1

    Sorry I dont like this idea.

    If people dont believe you about your rupee balance, they just need to life with it xD
  6. I would, unless whats already been mentioned that you can turn it off.
    Theres no need to let other people see my rupee balance.
  7. What marijn2552 said!

    If we are gonna do this, we need to on/off switch (for the people that doesn't want to show their rupee balance)
  8. Confirming krysyy's reservation... It's not unlike walking up to random strangers in real life and demanding that they tell you how much money they have...
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  9. Like others said, its meant to be confidential... I feel this would cause many people to be begging others. Like marijn said, a setting to allow the player to choose if they want it on or off. :)
  10. How about there is a separate command, say /p me, and it gives you more detailed information about yourself including your rupees.
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  11. Or you can type /r to get that information. Putting in a separate system makes no sense because the /r prefex is tied to separate commands.
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  12. Or I be lazy and not do it at all :D
  13. You could always take some screenshots and show the links. :)
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  14. Lol bad exprience with that :p
    #more of myself
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  15. Why use Photoshop for that when you can just edit the page with a line of Javascript code? :p
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  16. Yeah I somethimes use res message to make fake chat pictures :p
    Edit: I mean uhm.. What? All pictures I post are real xD
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  17. Haha haastraagt, that was funny
  18. Did you ment something like this?
  19. Why do I feel like that picture isn't actually photoshopped. lol
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  20. The easiest way to fake it is using Inspect Element, not Photoshop. I think the newer versions of IE have it, along with Chrome and Firefox. I made this in a minute: