[Suggestion] Outpost teleports.

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  1. Hello! I have a suggestion that would encourage exploration of the frontier, and the usefulness of being a part of an outpost.

    First off, if you could teleport to the outpost you "belong" to, for example: Lets say i have an outpost called "The City" and "John" wants to be a part of it since it is well situated and is a generally nice outpost. So "John" joins said outpost, and is now able to "/outpost" to teleport to "The City's" spawn point, so that he may explore the world from our starting position.

    Second: Being able to teleport BACK from the outpost, basically having a village where people can explore new areas and still be able to go home and tend their chickens.

    I suggest this as it took us a couple of days just to get to a new area, where there are no signs of other people. This would create a more interesting kind of exploration, and still allow people to create neat structures and communities that are actually reachable (without having to travel for X days to just see something new).

    I also understand the time it would take to implement something of that caliber, but I honestly think it would be an interesting game-changer to the Empire, but thank you for reading my suggestion!

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  2. This is planned with the addition of "Empires."
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  3. Oh... So i should remove my thread then? :p
  4. Oh no. Please keep the thread. Knowing that it's planned is a good thing! And your description is very easy to understand, and quite sensible.

    *EDIT* If you want "one way fast travel" you can set your death spawn location. Then intentionally die when you want to return. :) It doesn't make the initial trip, or the trip the other way any shorter, however.
  5. As said this is planned. It will be a core benefit of officially establishing an Empire, to get the ability to teleport to/from your Empire's HQ.

    Outposts are Empires... just Outpost is more of the temporary name being used until the official system is in place
  6. If we're lucky, it may also work with activation signs, so my outpost store in town could have a portal there if I wanted.
    If we're suuuper lucky, we can make tp signs from outpost to a certain res in town even. I'm setting up a pretty awesome farm res in town for my outpost members to use.

    I don't expect them to get everything added in the first go around, any sort of basic teleport will be awesome and will let people spread much further out in the wilds.
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  7. Well, I know that it will be easier to teleport, but won't griefers that join use this to grief?
  8. So, the Last Light Outpost will be the Last Light Empire once Empires are added.
  9. I guess you would have to claim the land (also a planned feature- with tokens) to establish a teleport in the first place, so griefers would not be able to grief the outpost :)
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  10. OK.
  11. Right now there is no automated protection for claimed land. However, as an outpost owner/operator you can (and should) claim the land if your outpost qualifies! In theory this will make it easier for you, and staff and mods to identify and reprimand griefing, theft and other misbehavior.
  12. If you know how to travel through the Nether you can reach untouched areas within minutes.
    In 10-12 min you're like 50,000 blocks out.
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  13. It's about 5min for 15000 on rail, longer running, shorter on horse.
    It takes work to make path and thats a very long path pointing directly to your outpost that you were trying to hide. An instant travel will make distance no longer matter and it will be much easier to have a lot of room between you and your neighbor. This may be the best Towny server there is, adding that teleport makes it more usable for us survival people.
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  14. So, when the token system is implemented will we have to re-claim our outposts?