[Suggestion] Notify player when a friend comes back from /away

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by AbstractToast9, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. I love the new friends list feature, especially because sometimes the people I talk with are often online when I am, just on other servers.

    It would be helpful if there was an option that would allow a pop-up when a /friend comes back from being /away

    ex: Your friend AbstractToast9 is no longer away on smp9
  2. +1, but as always, should be turned on and off from /ps :)
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  3. Agreed
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  4. +1 It's always weird to try and wait for an afk player to return by staring at them. Yes, the pm in-game will let you know they're away, but this would make it less of a hassle to stand around and wait for your friend/acquaintance.
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  5. And also I would like to tack on the suggestion that when you do /f online it tells you which of your friends are away (like just put "Away" in parentheses after their name). I often will switch SMPs to talk to a friend, only to find out they are away when I get there.
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  6. +1 Although, you can check if they're afk with /p - Although less convenient...
  7. Yes, but you have no way of telling when they come back. They could be back and playing for 20+ minutes when I realize
  8. Good point!
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