[Suggestion] Notification when you log back in that build mode has been disabled

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  1. Hi all, recently I've been working on a pretty large build and I was using /buildmode to keep it protected. But I often log out for one reason or another, log back in, and then forget build mode gets turned off when you log out. My suggestion is simple: A notification that tells you that buildmode is disabled when you log out, and that if you want to use it again, you need to re enable it. It could look something like this:

    You were using buildmode before you logged out. Build mode is disabled upon logging out of the server. Please re enable with /buildmode

    Let me know what you think!
  2. Yes as well as switching back from smps.
  3. +1

    Especially for switching servers or just keep it on when switching servers?
  4. Any server switching whatsoever. Logging off or changing SMPs
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  5. +1 Yeah I've been wanting to suggest this for a while, I have to rebuild stuff I've built after rejoining because I've forgotten to turn it on.
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  6. +1

    I had a similar suggestion to have buildmode toggled the whole time even after you log out. But having a notification that tells you that you don't have it on would be a bonus
  7. +1 I’ve had an suggestion that, when your in the frontier you have the buildmode notification sitting above your hot bar that buildmode is disabled or enabled. There should be always a notification by default saying buildmode is enabled or disabled, but the notification could be disabled is the player setting /ps
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  8. :+1:
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    Please YES do something for the bmode notifications for us. We NNNEEEEDDDD this for buiding.
  9. I also think we should have an option to have buildmode status on/off permanently displayed.
  10. I agree to this and what you said Pete
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  11. Given the number of times that a "bmode on/off" suggestion has been brought up, I would like to hear whether or not this is even on the list of items that are being worked on. I know that stability is important. But this is a SIGNIFICANT quality of play option. I put this one next to the Shop Signs in the Frontier and the abitility to "kennel" dogs/cats/parrots/pigs with saddles like the horse stable can do.
  12. +1

    Amazing suggestion, and if possible, should be implemented.
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  13. +1

    this will be extremely handy to have
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  14. +1.

    Maybe have this for /noprotectmode as well? The amount of times I've had to rebuild things because I logged out while using redstone amd forgot to renable it is too many.
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  15. I agree with all of this 👍🏻👍🏻 Would be very helpful
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  16. +1!!!!! Staff Please Check this post out