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  1. I think it might be fun to have a mob arena where you aren't allowed to have anything enchanted and you aren't allowed to use any kind of golden apple. Potions and unenchanted gear only. I think it'd be pretty fun.

    Maybe also different types of arenas?

    - More boss arenas
    - Normal but with no gapples
    - Normal but with buffs flag off (so no gapples or potions)
    - Zombies only
    - Skeletons only
    - Netherhounds only
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  2. Yeah I like it :) Switch things up a bit :p
  3. +1, would be nice.
  4. This would be awesome :D
  5. I don't know, I guess it wouldn't be bad as long as we keep the old ones :)
  6. Finally, a fresh breath of air. This is an even playing field while it takes no fun out of the game. This requires skill. PvP Fair is just stupid, honestly, no offense.

  7. -1 You want fair? Then go play a no items round. Pointless imo.
  8. I don't want fair. Under no circumstances do I want 100% fair. This makes it more fun than just mindless punching and a competition of hunger saturation. It's just that things can get more complex than people just trying to survive with nothing to use. No where did I say that I want fair.
  9. Round 1: All items allowed
    Round 2: No Items
    Round 3: Non-Enchanted Armor, Non-Enchanted Tools, Potions, and Food only.
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  10. Doesn't have to be like that. The host can choose what kind they'd like to do.
  11. Staff should definitely bring back Boss Arenas. Those were loads of fun.

    Oh, and Zombie Maze rounds. Those were absolutely amazing when BigDavie did them. Having Vault Vouchers as a prize, or even as a prize for no-items rounds in general, would be a nice prize.

    +1 for the other ones, too. Having more variety would be good.
  12. I defintely like this! +9001
  13. Pengu could you elaborate on what zombie maze is?
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  14. Oh, I would love Zombie Maze back!
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  15. Zombie Maze is a no-items round in which a glass maze is spawned inside the Mob Arena and Zombies are spawned on a platform above the maze. Once everyone is settled in, the glass ceiling releases the Zombies into the maze and players try to defend on their own in the glass maze
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  16. pretty snarly comment lol
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  17. Magister explained it well but I can add a bit more detail to it. Basically, the zombie maze isn't a true maze where the goal isn't to find an exit, but a connection of one-wide and two-tall glass tunnels. Zombies are spawned on top of the maze, and randomly, parts of the glass will disintegrate. I believe it was 5% of the glass gone every couple seconds.

    This would cause the zombies to drop on players. It was very fun because rather than just fighting mobs you'd have to plan your next move. This was played as a normal mob arena; the last player alive would win. The winner would get a Treasure Voucher, but that may be a bit too valuable now. :P

    From memory, the rules were:
    • Do not hide in the glass of the maze, if the glass spawns in you
    • Players may escape to the top of the maze if they wish
    • And likely a few others I can't remember
    I believe it was all done through World Edit, too. So... #ToadeForSS? ;)
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  18. Zombie maze is a Sr Staff+ only thing as it uses world edit to work.

    Also. A reminder to keep the comments on-topic and polite.
  19. Why'd you take my comment down and keep his up? This is EXACTLY what I mean with my comments about the staff team.