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Should we remove monthly memberships?

Yes!!! 1 vote(s) 9.1%
No!!! 10 vote(s) 90.9%
I'm just happy to be a free rank and I don't care 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. Hello everyone. I want the ranks to be non-membership(in other words lifetime). You people should be really thankful of all the donators that spend their precious, hard-earning money just so they can get 11/13/15 benefits? That's a lot of money for little stuff. Even paying $20 for 15 benefits is little and your saying that you have to pay it monthly? My friend got poor after he thought that gold was lifetime and soon you might get sued by someone. Please just turn ranks into lifetime.
    Sincerely, kyle12cu1
  2. Do you know how much it takes to maintain a server like dis?
    It probs aint cheap if you look at hosting websites
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  3. Its takes a lot of money to run a server like this. It is your friends fault for not reading properly that is a monthly thing. You pay real money every month to keep the servers going, and you get really good perks out of it. If people didn't pay monthly then there would be no Empire Minecraft. -_-
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  4. Even though I have no knowledge in law, I am pretty sure it CLEARLY states that supporterships are monthly. So your friend can't sue.

    Anyways, EMC consists of 11 servers. 10 open to the public, and one closed off for testing purposes. It costs a lot of money to run them 24/7, adding new features, and such.
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  5. You want no EMC. The money is to fund EMC and help the staff. The money doesn't go to just nothing it goes to fund this server and website and everything. Don't get rid of it!
  6. Good point but since it's life time more people would buy it and maybe empire can boost up the price of the ranks and add more ranks? That will make 80.00 easy! [Source] mcprohosting

    Plus do you know how much people donate? Some servers sell non /op ranks for $300 and they get like 1o sales per month!
  7. ^ Dis right here.
    Also, how does your friend get poor from 10$ a month -_- You can cancel it anytime...
    EDIT: Don't think I don't want new ranks, because I actually do. It's just right now the current system is fine. If we ever need more ranks for like say a future game server or future feature such as pets, they would add perks to current ranks, then later get more ranks ;3
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  8. The reason why we have this website and play free on the server is BECAUSE of the SUPPORTERS.
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  9. His friend is probably a kid with no job
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  10. He didn't know it was lifetime and he got it for 2 years. Plus he was banned for flying in utopia when he bought diamond.
  11. I thought he bought gold though.
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  12. But.. How. -_- If he was banned his supportership should have gotten canceled.
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  13. Now that is a downright lie
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  14. Nope. It was the time where the abusive staff were there.
  15. No because not everyone has $80 right in there pocket to splurge on a "lifetime" thing. Besides what i am thinking is that they have to pay monthly to keep the servers running anyway.

    A lot of EMC players are "teenagers and younger". There parents will pay for there membership or them and I don't think either of them would want to pay that much money would just be ridiculous and if its monthly then you can cancel at anytime.

    EMC does not use CRAP QUALITY servers. We have really good servers and it costs money. End of story.
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  16. The staff were never bad. We have great staff
  17. Flying on utopia hasnt been there for 2years lol
  18. There is no abusing staff on EMC, your friend could be lying to you, I remember one time a guy flying on smp and he was donator, But if you want to call the staff abusing you will be disliked by most people here, our staff is amazing
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  19. We've NEVER had abusive staff.
    EVER. (at least I hope so ;3) You joined in like Jan. so since then we have only gotten 6 new staff and 4 of them still have the rank. Everyone else is non abusive. Tell me your friends ingame username and I will check his profile.
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