[suggestion] next rupee bonus without having to reconnect

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  1. I think when you do /r it should also tell you how much longer until your next rupee bonus. This would be much easier than having to reconnect to be able to see it.
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  2. That'd get spammy. Maybe /r bonus
  3. It is 2 lines, it shouldn't be THAT spammy:
    Your rupees balance: 69
    20 hours left until your next rupee bonus!
  4. I like the sleek design of it now, where one line says what you want. I for one could care less about this, maybe it could be toggle-able.
  5. I see what you are saying, and I think just like the nice 9 long joining message ( I included the space ) we can deal with it :)
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  6. Bump

    Any more thoughs?
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  7. Used to be default when you logged in.
    Apparently they got rid of that too.
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  8. Perfect setup for it
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  9. it would only get spammy if you spam /r
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  10. For me /r is a sleek and easy way to check balance which I do a lot. For an extra message to be there that I don't even care about quite honestly would be an annoyance.
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  11. Just throw a semi colon after the amount of rupees, and continue on with the hours left. Bam, one line. :p
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  12. Good idea :D then its not too spammy
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  13. It is not spammy even with 2 lines unless your the kind of person who says /r every 1 second.
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  14. I do alot of /r but this would be a good idea if it was able to be toggled ;)
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  15. Good job Sir!
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